Saturday, February 6, 2010


The recent row between SRK and Sena regarding weather to allow pakisthan Cricketers or not such kind of controversies will be always there. The historical background of our Country is responsible for it to great many extents. The anti British syndrom seems to have made all the freedom fighters to accept the parliamentary form of Govt. hastilly as they may have wanted individual freedom to greatest extent. The Country would have been different if two party systems was accepted like in united State of America. As the two majore party BJP and Congress have failed to practically lead the great nation in right direction. As when the BJP has failed to withstand the popularity and charisma of the Gandhi family it is also seen that Congress has also indirectly played communal card in the garb of secularism by sheltering even the Bangladeshi refugee for its political end . And this made the regional Party prosper as it could not look to both ; it will be wrong to assume that there are no admirers of regional Party like Shiv sena that too in such important place like Maharashtra which has the commercial capital of Country Mumbay with it . Need not to refer the Congress debacle in Sikkim and Nagaland .
Every party are great in there own way in State like Maharashtra like Shiv sena cannot be undermine , in India Gandhis and Internationaly Sharuk Khan . The Sena gets sympathy in criticising any thing bad emaniting from Pakisthan say money loundering and fake currencey note made with impunity in Karachi press and this way they seem to hide there guilt of Bihari bashing . The Gandhis tryieng to unite the whole India through its family patriotic records, though it is facing problem in UP its home turf. The Bollywood stars in there own right extraordinary popular without any practical control and responsibility over the society like Shahrukh Khan , trieng there own Bussiness expansion plan to even reach Hollywood one day . All are great in their own right but why they cant all work together sometimes does opposition always means opposition for oppossing sake . But the need of the hour is to think as an Indian , a coordinated approach in issue of National Interest and to develop a national mindset . The pakisthan our common enemy has to be defeated in different form by brain and for it Nationalism has to be shown by all specially the Muslims whom the majority Country are seeign them to be disloyal after getting so much from this Country. The irresponsible talk by one famous personality create a hornest nest because it is ground reality that inspite of the Constitution say in Maharashtra the Marathas will always have predominance. The special and previlege person like SRK have definitely no fear and they should have non either , but before bussiness they should think of national interest and should exert there Pakistan influence to stop the Karachi press in which the fake Indian currency are minted so that it make India good. The greatness of the america Society lies in production of great Persons like Salman Rushdi by always blindly supporting the Muslim cause some Muslim leaders seems to themselves taking back there Society towards stone age . It is time to say spade a spade knowledge which comes by interation will always have an edge over who live a secluded life . see what have happened of palm Beach project in Dubai which in burge of being swallowed by Sea after melting of Ice burg due to global warming . With all the earning of the Oil well spend on beautification where from such money will come back . The Muslim themselves have to ponder upon this issues why each time someone like Shabna Azmi incite the Govt. to take action against the Sena supremo . I am against both types of double duplicacy one disloyal to country another to his own concience .

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