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It is not your fault that you start hating the religious topics specially regarding a religion which you think does not belong to you . It is said God had to sacrifice his only son to have fellowship with you as you are so special for him to be later abused , destroyed and damaged by the devil that God never liked. Thus he may have send great leaders time and again to save us and in the end his own son who is the way of the truth and life . How we can now identify him and who is the God’s real chosen one . If we make a through study of the Holy Bible we cannot but had to accept some truth . The superiority feeling emanating from clash of civilization theory is polluting our society ; as we have little knowledge due to our lack of interest towards God who have given us everything .The spiritual controversies emanates basically from our ignorance and our adamant tendency , as we tend to be very emotional and hypocrite when it comes to religion which have been thought to us since ages as each of us have been misleaded to believe ours as best . Things must have been same when in West Bengal during pre Independence days sati system was flourishing during William Bentinck’s time as initially they also objected to the Governor Generals reformation. But in earlier generations religion antagonism may have not been like this , it was plain and simple it was was personal relations with God , today unfortunately we have tried to even divide and segregate the Gods kingdom and given names to waring factions based on denominations . May be the lack of spiritual democracy seems to have stopped our growth as an Individual , Society , State and Nation and also the greed for leadership. After all our Independence was received to a great many extent by criticizing every thing British way of thinking including Christianity which our freedom fighters thought belong to them exclusively , without thinking that Lord and Savior was born for all . Only that God had to choose Abraham the most noble of all the forefathers to be the great great grandfather of son of God Jesus of Nazareth to die for our sin , this becomes unacceptable to us as we think we have our roots here only as if common ancestor and migration theories are false .

When Jesus was born three Magi e,i- learned man come to bring gift for baby Christ , they who may have represented three great religion of its time crossed 3000 miles to present the Child with gifts which has special importance with ancient religion namely - gold , incense and myrrh , surprisingly it is said that they never interacted each other before undertaking that perilous journey and only followed the star which lead them to the baby son of God . It is also surprise to see the wonderful plan of God as angels were first send to tell the good message of Christs birth to Shepherds . May be because from the Gods perspective the last sheep for slaughter in the form of Jesus has born and there was no need for shepherds to sacrifice any more to God for forgiveness as Jesus died for our sins to cleansed us from our sins which we inherited from our forefather is what Holy Bible says .
Now where other religion stands now that when the Jews who are scientifically also proved to be the most intelligent human beings and are not expected to leave any lacuna by its critics to show their God as the real God had given their most convincing justification . So this logical postulation of the Holy Bible may be prompting others to hate this religion which seems to be perfect from all the angle as non of the religious leader will want individual attraction to fed from him that too from one who they think is dead already . But if we are marred in sin we may fail to see the truth . For one thing there was no organized religion at that time as we have now today . We have been made to develop negative communalism for election purpose only by our leaders. Initially I had also many doubts against Christianity but later on being an Intellectual , like others my hunger and trust for truth lead me to make a comparative study of many religion and I found that God’s way are different from ours. He says ,` seek and it will be given to you , search and you will find it ,’And I come to realize that We have failed to give least to one who has given us most and worst at times we have tried to cross our jurisdiction and limitations . We need to see this issues from every angle and since times and ages to see the will of God . and when we do we find ourselves spiritually bank craft and like frogs in a Pond .

Today modern challenges has made it compulsory for us to look for peace . By religion , yoga or exercise Peoples are desperately trying to be happy . But many Peoples are seeking the kingdom of God and have lost their valuable time and energy due to lack of good guru , therefore for benefit of mankind it is important to mention the Christian Philosophy in nutshell . There is need to make a comparative study of all the religion to choose the real and living God within stipulated time as nothing can be said about future. The real God if there was one must have liked others to know about him and as such the God must have commissioned a religious book of his own of whose author is God only or his family member and recent finding of dead Sea scroll the Oldest Holy Bible found and scientifically proved to be written during the times of 12 apostles has affirmatively pointed at authenticity of Holy Bible that it was written by 12 Apostles . And that Book should be One which tells from beginning to end , One which is filled with high moral standard , and that book that is easily accessible to all so that even Poor knows his scheme of things for salvation. Interestingly Holy Bible comes right in all this aspects from my perspective . And today When many Peoples are converting to some religion and another they must be seeing this convincing point specially the Intellectuals as this is a very important personal choice and one have to be convinced . instead of the popular notion that out of poverty Peoples are converting to some religion or other most specially intellectuals go by their heart which alone is truth ; this can be called as calling of God . Even poor and uneducated become very hypersensitive in today’s time regarding their rights than what to say elites who can take right decision ones they are spiritually mature .
I am sure by the time one become Christian he will realize that price for becoming a Christian is more difficult than anything , he would have become real rich by sacrificing same amount of time and energy , thus in the end only the dedicated ones take Baptisma. But unfortunately most of us later cheat on God and become a bad example including myself ofcourse. The almighty God has an answer to that problem as he is master manipulator he has ensured that only the best will reach heaven. Holy Bible says - those who come first will become last . Thus those who are not Christians right now may be later called to do work for Gods kingdom and if they do not backslide they may be fortunate ones as nothing can be said about the future regarding Christians who are righteous . Thus they need to learn from failure like us to use the most potent weapon for kingdom of God that is prayer. The satisfaction and justification for the pseudo Christians being even if they are dogs they are Gods dog so nothing to worry . And other important aspect will be the God who have born in earth must have authoritively claimed himself to be the God or his relative even if Peoples treated him as mad or liar . Like our Lord and Savior Jesus of Nazareth who all along authoritively claimed himself to be son of God .
And other point which logically convinced me as an advocate and intellectual is - the roman calendar started from his birth , that is Lord and Savior’s birth is scientifically documented now there is nothing official about it that , it is more than 2010 years since birth of Lord Jesus ; his place of birth Bethlehem is still there with monumental proofs , according to Holy Bible after his resurrection from death he lived with 500 Peoples for 40 yrs and it is said that all of them were later killed by Roman Caesar for witnessing to that extent . Remember no one will like to die for false witness , they must have lived with the resurrected Christ and so testify of his resurrection whom Romans thought that they have already killed and could never rise again to disturb there empire . Thus unless 500 disciples had not been assured of surety of salvation they could not have guts to face death. And as promised by Lord and Saviour to send his Holy Spirit in the heart of obedient disciples holy spirited power before going to heaven , we the Christians believe in the miracle of the Holy Spirit which is still working with some Peoples making them to heal the sick , tell the vision and Prophesy to believers and followers .
Interestingly the birth of Jesus was predicted long time back by Prophet Isaiah this can be seen in Old Testament which tells about story of Jesus forefathers before his birth. From the day one every thing about the Lord life was different . His birth itself was unique , he was born by virgin mother Merry thus he is called as Holy spirit thus he was saved from inheriting the sins of his father as Joseph who was made of worldly flesh only , He did number of miracles like rising dead person after four days which non could do so far , his speech was divine even Beatitudes Sermon in the Mount inspired ordinary man like Mohan Das Karma Chand Ganhiji to later do great works . Jesus authoratively claimed himself to be son of God on hundred of occasions . Today more advance Countries must have seen something in him and following him after all they are not suppose to toe any idea blindly without introspection as they were advanced than us since long time.And seems to have benefitted by writing , God save the America in US Dollar and constitution of America .
Today good thing that many are looking for God from scientific perspective as well this can well explain the global warming catastrophe during Nuas time when whole World was flooded. All religion are even upgrading their Old belief system and incorporating good things from all the religion which are logical and practical as non can live in isolation and religion seems to be complementary. We should wish each other best of luck as other religious person is also seeking Gods kingdom from their perspective may God bless them to realize the truth , but from heavenly perspective truth is very personal and will be found when one seek the kingdom of the God , we should not challenge the Gods whip which is time tested after all he is the Boss by challenging this we may not be challenging Europe and America but God himself . Its not that God may have special love for his community only for as said in holy Bible god is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit . Holy Bible clearly says that – For God loved the World so much that he send his only begotten son so that those who worship him shall not perish but will have eternal life ; Thus even if one is superior it will be meaningless to criticize other’s religion as it is the will of the God that is supreme who told us to love thy neighbour and also understanding each others life’s philosophy will rather help in understanding the real God whom every one like in the end to bless. To see the power of God read Holy Bibleprayerfully and patiently setting aside our egoism which is meaningless to God from Old Testament to New Testament but we will seldom do and when we don’t want to make friendship with God when we are healthy and sound why He should when later we are suffering, only because we have mouth we tend to criticize everything but there are certain things if we criticize for criticizing sake we may have dire consequences . Holy Bible answers everything even why the Muslims are so arrogant but both Christians and Muslims are also brothers who believe in same God that is also truth . It is wrong to criticize others beliefs without knowing and studying , Lord and savior had said he will love those worshipper who have not seen him and believed , it was our luck that though he came for lost tribe of Israel but since they did not heard him we benefitted though we are gentiles . Doesn’t Hindu mythology is also like Christianity which talks about Ganga bathing for penance like holy water dipp e,i- Baptisma of Christians . May be introduction of glorious song of Lord and savior in RSS rally’s and camp may help the party after all doesn’t Hindu believe in many form of god.and it is the will of god that victory belong to him than why this egoism . Unable to understanding christian way of life has proved detrimental to many Individual and Parties .The BJP ‘s failure seems to be not defining till the logical conclusion ther definition of god and leave half way there spiritual point of view such controversial issues if left half way create lots of bitterness either leave it explain it but it should be satisfying to the enlightened ones.
Rama Krishna Paramhansa was against the Christian bashing by the freedom fighters he told that blind man see elephants in different perspective by touching its different part . As in important matters like religion final shots are made by God himself so let us live it to God and as an Individual truth should not be hide from our Children’s as Bible says you know the truth and it shall liberate you . In spite of freedom our Country still needs to be awakened and to be a great nation like United State of America we must give due recognisation to God like in US dollar it is written – God save the America . Let us be practical we think about super power status one day this are all Political rhetoric’s . One should hear Gods whispering only as in this world there are too many temptations all made by devil who have been called as prince of the World when we are alive , he can alone mislead Human being as he is fallen angle thrown out from Heaven by God for challenging his power .But Christians have been also given tremendous responsibility , it is not something which need to be made a fashion ; this are serious things . There are right and duties in Christianity . If we can’t do a small thing entrusted to us then how can we do a big thing God has asked us to love thy neighbors’ but are we ? The love is the answer of the world if we had loved than there would have been no need of gospel . I say life is first gospel . Therefore it will be wrong to hate and consider Animists or any other religious practitioner as inferior only because they are Idol worshippers as we ourselves are imperfect . Non can be perfect in life barring Lord and savior who never committed any sin and only he could have rebuked. we should think that if they are good human being God may call them later like us , remember God said love thy neighbor we should hate the sin not the sinners as said by Gandhiji.
At the same time animists should accept the fact that the Culture is Dynamic and can change with time as there are many forefathers practices which we may have left . Initially according to the Old beliefs Mithun was gifted to the husband as marriage gift later cutting of Mithuns e,i-Togu started . But the changes happened so slowly that Peoples refuse to accept the change . Jesus said – today all scriptures have been fulfilled in me , he was modest enough not to discredit the work of other Holy mans . He said love thy neighbor his preachings shows that all the religion is also complementary like Ramakrishna Paramahansa told to Swami Vivekanada who can be seen as like Jhon the Baptist paving the way for Christs teaching in Indian Society . For it is only God who can convert and who can only lead someone to perfection . We Christians should also remember that there is still Samaritans in Jeruslem who are not christians and some of them are very good human beings . The day we stop becoming a mouth chritians may be almighty God will change others . God could may have made whole Country as Christian but who knows they would have become name sake religionists . But as a Human being we should pity son of God who died for our sin in most painful way may be that way we get his mercy to some extent .
It seems most of the religion antagonism happened during freedom Fighters time , the Cambridge and Oxford back Freedom fighters wanted to bring a Pan Indian feeling by starting local poojas like Ganesh Chaturbuj . These is said to be historical facts , Balgangadhar Tilak is said to have started Ganesh puja in a big way which is still a craze in Maharashtra. The way present officers in our State are performing Uyu to ensure their popularity and monopoly . After all it is imperative that we had common forefathers , as claimed in Holy Bible when the forefathers separated from land called Jerrubabbel where they tried to make a tower without the permission from god . It is said the angry God cursed the successors of Adam our common forefathers for their audacity to undermine his power and changed their language . And this curse made our forefathers to quarrel instead of finishing the projects and wonder from place to place and get settle is different place getting different features due to different climate and weather , praying different gods forgetting the Old and real God . There is nothing official about it , that all the Arunachalee are also from same Mongolian stock as some Scholars doubt our Biblical forefathers Shem went towards Asia . Thus non Abotani belt Peoples of other places in our State should not misunderstand that chronologically our forefathers were different as may be Abotani stands for all the forefathers of all the Mongolian Peoples at least . As Buddhism happened only recently therefore we should be genetically same only. Some great man who were originally common man also tried to search God within and have also motivated Peoples to do good . But for any spiritualism end goal should be more important and should be also easy for common Peoples to follow .
The years of isolation has made us to think others as different the Nua’s story has resemblance with Hindu belief of Manus escape in fish and tower of Jerubabbel story resembles Sukracharyas trieng to making parallel heaven. Thus We should think that others religion is also creation of one of our own forefathers, thus it is our common heritage and legacy as it helps the humanity . All the religious leaders should identify the common similarity of the religion World over , rather than to fight for our differences . As time for compulsory unity may come with the Dooms Day which may come any time as claimed in holy Baible and as shown in English movie 2012 . So better seek for Gods forgiveness when we have time .

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