Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The face of the Rashtriya Samaj Sangathan RSS needs to be face lifted with immediate effect and it should be physically , intellectually and spiritually as RSS guys earlier seemed to be bunch of secluded loners , and also the RSS Cadres wearing traditional dresses reminds us of Cooks of Central Jails or someone who seems long out of this world . Today, way one present himself should be very appealable as Politics is also like a Business where personality is mattering a lot . Truth is bitter but those who tell the truth are the ones whom one can rely on .
Howsoever BJP tries to distance itself from RSS no one will believe it as such both need to make a fresh start : may be today time has come to give old RSS knickers a decent burial . The best way will be modifying the dress - may be some one like Rohit Bal can be taken helped of . It should be same Kakhi but can be stitched as Long pant like NCC guys wears . This way Youths in general will also identify with the RSS as today is the world of fashion and why RSS be left behind who are good Human beings who have been denied justice and wrongly projected so far. See the Hindutva seems to be initiated by Congress Party during Independence day , as Bal Gangadhar tilak is said to have started Ganesh Puja to emotionally blackmail the Hindus but blame is only thrown on them for there one of the forefathers Kul hatya may be. The RSS should Publicly apologize for its past mistakes and besides Nationalism should address other needs , there restricted ideology and living secluded life seems to have today failed to attract the common man , one can be a nationalist from heart and be living in Worldly life . The RSS has in fact largest cadres of loyal workers . The new attitude and new dress code and fashion statement of the RSS pracharaks will rather help the Sangathan to achieve its goal as Youth has to be today attracted by any Party . Only emotion will not increase the Parties popularity the Industrial benefits must be reaped by the Pracharaks .Why Narendra Modi is succeeding other reason seems to be business background of the gujratis .
BJP has been always seen as power marketers specially to the youths cine star Sunny Deol the strong man of cinema who fits well into RSS scheme of things can be roped in as its savior . He has all the ingredients of successful RSS brand ambassador , who can be shown in T.V add to fight with ISI or rescue person in an accident or distress etc. of course he should advertise new RSS dress . One has to accept that Sunny Deol was the only superman of the India who gave sleepless night to the Pakistanis by his acts like pulling out the hand pump which made even Pakistan Ambassador than to request the Indian counterpart to refrain from making volatile movies like Border and Gadar. Though many Peoples likes RSS ideology specially the Nationalism part , but way it present itself seems to be very irritating . The RSS and BJP need to reform themselves and give a new face . And that has to be in letter and spirit acceptable to all other Communities specially the Muslim brothers .
RSS and BJP also need to realize that there were also good emperors like Akbar the Great who married a Rajput Princess and removed zizya taxes . As a good will gesture they can show there magnamity by accepting the arbitration of someone neutral Person like me , may be from Christian or Buddhist background to solve the vexed Ram Janma Bhoomi issue . By dividing the land in the ration of 70 and 30 % major portion to the majority . Allowing both the Communities to do there spiritual practices , only condition being refraining both the party to use the microphone . Specially Muslim Brothers need to respect others sentiment as Publics are fed up of there loud voice during Azan lead by Moulvis during Namaz . If BJP does not come out of this land mine it will be always difficult for it . sometimes one has to accept a practical solution to prosper in life . You sacrifice and you gain that is the guru mantra ; one become more great by accepting his fault . People will revere the Hindu philosophy of forgiveness more , contrary to the view of the pseudo Hindus who are falling into the trap of Congress party .The criticism of the Muslim can be also indirect like praising Salman Rusdi like Western Countries does , this way other liberal Muslims like him will also support RSS . I am sure most of the Muslim brothers themselves will be fed of terrorism by now of which they are the number one victim themselves .
New freshness has to be brought in RSS with emphasis in Youth Brigade enlisting physically fit boys as well as girls and most of the seniors should be honorably retired . The importance should be given more in Nationalism not from Hindu perspective and strict action should be taken against those who criticizes others religion , may be video games can be taken help of to promote its new ideology which Youths seems to enjoy .I would rather subject if BJP really wants to come to power they should take strict action against the use and abuse of the Hindutva name against minorities . The Nationalism should be tried to explain not from Hindutva perspective but from logical postulation of scriptures of all religion . Things like Valentines day have powerful influence on todaysYouths , not all the Youths are filled with lusts there are some genuine lovers . Is there is no reference of Kam devta in Hindu mythology .
The Cow issue can be logically told that in United state of America due to Ranch they have become super Power so we should love our Cows ; regarding Pakistan may be time to talk less has come , as this topics have been over used and may have become off dated we need to correct ourselves first and may be Party need to support neutral Person like Baba Ramdev who is demanding back the black money in Swiss bank , and as old issues will have its natural death as such new appealing issues has to be discovered .The powerful Persons of Muslim community like Shahrukh Khan , Salman Khan and Amir Khan should be persuaded to convince Pakistan from stopping from all short of nefarious activities like making duplicate money in Karachi press . They can be requested to speak this in all the Muslim Platforms also like OPEQ etc. for national interest they may cooperate . It is by persuasion alone no body will like threat and muscle power against any leader. Even Gandhis are eventually our own therefore no loose talk should be allowed any more which will go against the Party interest .
Price rise is a good issue as even the poor Congress Seva Dal members who are the ultimate source of strength and who are the ultimate sufferer in the Party seems to be also hard hit by price rise . A political revolution has to be started to refrain Voters from taking money during election which increases corruption and which effects price rise later . specially with congress even the Party cadres seems to be staying in Party only for money which has harmed the national cause therefore the BJP and RSS should not be left behind in managing the party like an expert CEO does to fulfill Publics aspirations . The BJP also needs to make good rapport with Industrialists as unless ones come to power he cannot show his real talent and today there blessing is now invincible. Therefore the RSS and BJP should come prepare next time so that they get the trust of the Publics and they be given responsibility to shoulder the Country. The Neno factory set up in Gujarat and new friendship developing between Amitabhji and Narendra Modi may be good indication for BJP party . But may be lots of sacrifice has to be made by the Party if they want to match the Congress Party. But with highest numbers of loyal workers in RSS nothing is impossible .For Intellectual like us there should be check and balance and monopoly in any form has to go for interest of the Country though some Congress will pooh pooh this as for now as they may have falsely developed the notion that country belongs to them.

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