Saturday, February 6, 2010


The Sikkim success story is a wonder for other State of the Country. Specially for extremely corrupted State like Arunachal Pradesh where some over smart Crooks are cashing on in the name of the Gandhi family. The family which itself is battling for its home turf in UP , how long it can sustain corrupted psycho pants when itself is based on good will of the Publics . Nothing is impossible as many historical predictions have been made upside down regarding Political Parties . Fiedel Castro was said that he have been only given one month’s time by the outgoing President Batistuta who was removed by Coop , but he remained one of the most longest serving leader . It is pertinent to mention that In our State itself Sonia Gandhiji and Rahulji have earlier failed to make their presence felt campaigning for their MLA’s in Pasighat and Itanagar this is in spite of their genuine love for the State . So unless genuine Publics problems are address no amount of Blitzkrieg can save any Political Party , see what happened to Congress party in Sikkim and Nagaland our own North east States there any one seldom seek Congress Party ticket it is heard . Though few Congress senior leaders who are now in vintage position as of now will pooh pah this but they have themselves developed Party discipline for a price . And what to accept of the Seva Dals and other Congress workers in election when seniors have started the mess and thriving on it are they accepted to be less greedy. Many leaders may be themselves scared of coming Political cyclone as many of their Colleagues have been shown exit door in previous election . Though I have great admiration for Gandhi family who deserve this respect for their sacrifice for the Country . But in Arunachal fact seems to be even the Congress man in the State are themselves not sure of their Party ideology which Party in fact have failed in all front and have remained the party of rich and influential . Rumor is ripe that in last election even Gandhi family was threatened of mass boycott of Congress ticket if any one of the senior was denied ticket this is the inside story of the Party discipline . United we the corrupted one stand divided we fall .You can’t blame an Individual when all the system has collapsed and for it a Political revolution is need of the hour . And by coordinated attack only Congress Citadel can be easily dethroned the way Hitler could not withstand coordinated attack from western and eastern fronts .
Never fight in two battle front is what Bismarck the greatest war expert had once said ; going by the Public mood they seems to favour a coordinated attack against the Congress regime by next election ; and already the Opposition parties and the dissatisfied Congress are in touch with PPA . They are seeing this only as the future hope as Congress have already lost miserably in Nishi belt and in Tirap and Changlang Districts may be Co-regional Party leader Neuporioji Hon’ble Nagaland Chief Minister can be urged to exert his influence upon suspected Congress goons to improve the deterioting law and order Problem in Tirap and Changlang District this is what Publics think . And as such right platform seems to be PPA from all the angle as Congress members and cadres they are themselves seen to be angry with still no break through in the murder of their leader Ex. Hon’ble Member of Parliament Late Wangcha Rajkumarji . As regional feeling only seems to be motivating Sikkism which is headed by minority Lepchas in all the sphere of the life like Baichung Bhutia , Denny Denzongpa and Hon’ble Chief Minister Pawan Chamlingji . Our leaders who have Only reached the top hierarchy of the Congress Party by hook or Crook when others were less Politically conscious seems to be not complaining as of now but they need to change quickly as time for meritious and more deserving ones is coming .
See what tremendous development has Chamling made of Sikkim after prolong Congress misrule , today it is heard that there - no body is even daring to contest from Congress Party . Truth will always triumph how long transfer and demotion can be only made as issue without opening Investments in sectors like Tourism and Organic Crops which has tremendous scope . Publics cannot digest the fact that some Crooks have made so much rich and enjoyed at their cost . The rampant corruption and nepotism is necessitating a Political revolution or Publics may prefer lost love in our own Country where few have benefited . Thus fear of eminent writer of our State Omom Dai should not be made a reality . It is time for the Arunachal publics to rise from deep slumber .
Though Publics have also shown their responsibility from time to time , last election also many heavy weights were dethroned . Time for some leaders to be laborious and fight a hard battle to impress the Publics as Publics are starting to see them as Business man who have manipulated there elevation during some whimsical senior leaders time . But it is also to be accepted that even in British Raj time their were some good officers . like William Ben tick who abolished Sati system and Macaulay who I suppose introduced English Education system , but they had to go as they were seen as same side of the coin . Danger bell for specially those leaders who were Uncontested in earlier election as they may have lost connection with grass roots and many Publics are impressed by the success of some Political tiny toads . Thus Political revolution is need of hour and it will come eventually and as our leaders are good at smelling the publics pulse , by next election many may jump to green pastures. Therefore other Political Parties are now seeing PPA as viable alternative . This anger may be due to Why don’t our Govt. dare to start innovate ideas like in Sikkim . Like in recent Commonwealth Games it made the Union Govt. to sign MOU to supply Bamboo to close the view of slums area for the Visitors .
Sri Dorzee Kanduji is a personal friend of mine and his motto of People first seems to be toeing the PPA ideology . PPA is also not averse to work with any Party in future as Coalition Partner also , but it should be at our own term and our regional interest cannot be compromised at any stage . Therefore time for the other parties to realize that in Politics there is no scope for friendship unless one come up on its own merit , going by the psychological advantage the PPA cadres are having right now over congress rich candidates who don’t have genuine party workers to be ready to do and die for them as shown in recent past with ideologically committed PPA cadres always ready like Japanese Kamekaze to do any thing for the Party they believe in , thus it will be not long when any party will not die to make a coalition partnership with PPA as Politics is , Jo Jita wahi sikandar . As the PPA is the Party which is future of the State one like it or not . If God bless which it should , not only four PPA MLA’s will stick to Party discipline but they will rope in other Leaders as well and whole Arunachal publics with them to make our State more better

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