Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Man this is brain game as said by experts knowledge has power and the Congress has so far played all the cards smartly from the day one kudos to its educated , sophisticated and ambitious and visionary leaders from the Independence days who seems to have perfect the methods to increase the Public relation . Say it the luck of the Nehru Gandhi family or its smart moves they have been successful so far like a CEO of a Profit making company . This is world of setting and other Party seems to be emotionally engrossed and are failing to cash on in today’s popular wave like Cricket , film and Valentines day etc . instead of disturbing it need is to have impact on it . Remember just before Election Priyankaji was seen in a Stadium watching Cricket match , man that is the projection free of cost . Though Congress have good setting records but alas in national interest they have seen to fail . But there sacrifice can also be not questioned specially by common Congress man during Independent struggle days . For the bigger ones jail seemed blessing in disguise as being Intellectuals they got the chance to write wonderful books making themselves more richer . For this was the time when Freedom books was a craze.
But in history there seems to be many unanswered questioned specially relating to the party which is seen as passport to become rich abruptly . Things like seemingly sidelining of Subash Chandra Boss from Congress leadership on the pretext that he was a extremist . The Congress policy of the encouraging the idol worship through Bal Gangadhar Tilak seems to have started the genesis of the Hindutva though later blame is thrown on Hindu Mahasabha which was not even Viswa Hindu parishad , RSS or Bajrang Dal . It is pertinent to mention that Tilak started the Ganesh festival to emotionally bind the Country man against the Britishers . That is other matter that later blame was invited by foolish Hindu Mahasabha who if I am not wrong were later branded as father of Viswa Hidu Parishad or later BJP after its activist Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhiji , who may have in any case later joined the BJP ideology if he had survived as he was the first to play the religion card to popularize his Political movement and also later rift is said to have surfaced with him and Nehru .
Was it some ones smart move or Indians destiny that Mahatma Gandhi had to accept the Nehru scions as his own children’s by giving his own name and thus that famous cocktail was made which later acted as Opium for uneducated Muslims masses. The most of the harm to the Country also seems to have been given by the Congress see the Partition of the India specially regarding Gandhi’s delay in accepting the two nation theory and Nehru’s advocating for it and in there midst India was bleeding . The refugee status given to the Dalai lama which provoked the China who seems to have thought that India had violated its own agreement by interfering beyond Mack Mohan boundary .And other Himalayan blunders seems to be Simla agreement with the Pakistan , acceptance of Bangladeshi refugees in Assam . However its good work have been partial respect of the Assam frontier act 1773 made by the Britishers .This are Historic blunders for which congress had to also face the angry Voters also .
There is also long list of alleged corruption by the Party workers , which has seen to varied from time to time say from Boffors pay of allegation to PDS and Hydro Power sectors etc etc . The party seems to have smartly changed its tactics each time leaving other party to wonder what next will be the congress regimes ghotala . But party as such cannot be blamed but with maximum ghotala under its banner parties party high command cannot also shrug its responsibility . It seems to be a Party which is more of a corporate house managed by expert CEO than a Political party . Encouraged by the seniors bad track record , today most of the Congress workers have less love left for the Party and every one here are basically for a personal agenda . But it has to be also accepted that some 5% voters identify the Congress symbol and give vote freely for old time shake this are in fact the real congress mans .
But with coordinated attack many of the Congress Govt . have been demolished recently . See in its home turf UP itself elephant is riding , sometimes Congress strength seems to be its weakness also as the Congress is basically for the rich and aristocrats ; so Voters always expect money from congress candidates . and also when the anti incumbency happens against the party whole citadel comes crumbling down . But one has to accept that though Country also need a change but unless BJP makes a introspection of highest order and make a really committed partnership with the other parties . To the extend of even sacrificing Prime Minister post if need be and the coalition partners who are anti Congress share their seat nicely and make a coordinated attack next time , it is highly improbable that Congress will be removed next time also .

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