Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It is rumored that the Govt. has signed many MOU specially in Hydro Power sectors precisely 125 Nos. if I am not wrong , but has its benefit really reached the grass roots . At least with the Publics of the Gergamukh NHPC site near Likabali of the West siang Dist . of Arunachal Pradesh , it is heard that the Publics has benefitted to some extent . Though some sections of the critics are saying that the Lions amount were temporary kept by a local leaders who seems to have used that in election , God knows the truth who is right and who is wrong . But some leaders who are alleged to be taking commission even of the window grill of the Building construction the rumor seems most probable .
But in any case the NHPC seems to be better as per its compensation schemes to locals matter ; as so far though many Private Companies have said to come to state but benefits to the locals so far seems to be minimal. Was they were not affirmatively asked of Publics demand and right by the Govt .earlier that is the common question. Therefore the moment PPA came to power it passed a resolution that there has to be a immediate stopping of awarding Mega Dams project to Companies without any experience in such mega projects and who are not going to be as beneficial to the Publics . as there is fear that many fake Companies and first timers armed with batteries of Lawyers will claim compensation from the Govt. itself on the ground that Govt. has not cooperated its part of the agreement .
Also to some Arunachal cannot be made a laboratory house in the name of development as there is chances of accident in such projects in view of earlier floods in Aalo and Pasighat from small stream blocked in Tibet. Also as the Dam Projects will take away lots of top soil which is the most essential portion of the land for cultivation. So seeing this dangers few intellectuals of the Aalo and Pasighat areas requested me for searching land in Basar of the West siang Dist of arunachal Pradesh which is secured from all angle no threat of Dam burst as many Dams is heard to be commissioned above it .
Therefore the Govt. need to show its absolute transference or one day it will be like Bofors gun issue which let the downfall of the earlier Congress regime in the centre . Land is ours , streams and rivers is ours than why one Individual will take its benefit that will be the outcry . The School and medical Building should be covered by the social sector policy of the Company. From Humanity point of view also , It is the compulsory duty of the Company to invest in a place who have sacrificed there land; . Therefore the Govt. need to make it absolutely transparent and refrain from taking political advantage of such projects , as Opposition Party also need to be given its benefits . We need Investors but the Projects should be in a systematic way .The Govt. is already indebted to NHPC for bailing out the Apex bank so the Govt. share has to be nicely accounted for so that this debts are paid back.
A expert team has to be constituted to study the working of the other state Governments like in Madhya Pradesh where state seems to have there own Power corporation .It should be also studied weather our local land , stream and forests be considered as equity for the state , were eighty percent of the share is given to the local land owners so that they benefit continuously like they have share of the company in that Investing Company but in this case also background of the Company has to be seen . it should be not like Enron Company which cheated Maharashtra govt. in Dabhol project . As once an MOU is signed later Govt. seems to be helpless , I fortunately attended the Supreme Court Case proceeding of the Tehri Dam issue .
The govt. need to release a white document to show that the compensation are adequate as the Peoples of siang like in Aalo are dependent on there WRC field and it is also very fertile . Besides they use the two side of the rivers bank and there families are also dependent on the fish and the boulders and sands Quarries. Therefore there compensation has to be better than others .Arunachal is really land of Kushi kushi if we are not vigilant it may happen like what happened with Nobo Bridge ; it is said that the DPR of the Komsing Bridge over Siang river had to be made immediately and so hurriedly the Novo Bridge DPR was super imposed upon it by the Engineers. This may have dire consequences someday as all the projects must have there different features like water level , land quality and climate etc. A friend of mine said jokingly in our state some of our leaders in intoxicated state may even sign his own hanging order . This is bit too much as if he has no qualified PA after all our Hon’ble Ministers saabs are very expert and have been not caught so far in this acts.
There is now heard to be absolute vigilance from the land owners who are also said to be against the local MLA’s trying to get benefit from their land . Public leaders will come and go but our leaders should be not one who later run away in other place after minting all the resources . And for it Publics need to be vigilant and should be always conscious of their right . They should see there benefit after making comparative study . Like in Gumto if I am not wrong Publics will be getting more benefits from giving land to Ministry of Railways . One will get what one sows, if we elect less deserving Leaders selling ourselves during elections do we have a right to criticize them . Our Leaders By being over greedy and we public careless of our right , one day will we may not unknowingly sell our whole land with precious top soil in it which belong to our future generation as well .


Unknown said...

The MOU with the compoanies without any credentials will be surely nightmare for the rulling Govt. by next election . this is surely going to do what bofors did for B P singh during Janta dal . Many thinking congress candidates are already thinking in term of leaving the Party for good and running away to more promising green pastures like PPA.Keep it up your good work . Publics are with you.


sogun said...

I hate the state congress government for this. I think people should come out with a vengeance against them. The class government of Arunachal Pradesh don't realise that the mood in the air is soon changing and it is going to blow against their tide. The more they indulge in exploiting the larger mass the faster they are digging their political graveyard. The secret MoU's are really hurting to our emotions. In Arunachal Pradesh we have a government that is run by greedy lobbies. What is this stupid government tnat distances the mass and is blind towards their grievances? For centuries each river that flows beside the tribes have been their property, the forest that grows have been their garden, the land they possess have been their roaming ground, the air they breathe have been the road of their ancestors spirit, all animals that wonder around have been their folklore characters. The attempt to sale them away is an insult to us. It strikes down the very root of our source, our culture, our tradition, our pride,our future. We are compromised for money. The model of development is wrong......if any stupid politicians are only aware of our sentiments.