Saturday, February 6, 2010


The below the belt hitting of any Political opponent cannot be said a nice decision by any Publics. There has to be certain Political ethics though Political is said to be last refugee of the scoundrels , but we Citizens should also advice our leaders to resist from committing Himalayan blunder. How long punishment in the form of transfer , demotion and posting alone will be made as weapon instead of genuine development . Arent we are now not living in Civilized Society . The history is witness even in our state those leaders who have resorted to this have failed miserably next time . This is a Democratic world and any body can contest and only for someone’s audacity he or she should not be made as genuine pig .
Gone are those saddam Hussain and Hitlers days . If a systematic anti corruption step is taken up against the top five most corrupted officers in a impartial way Publics should be not against it ; but things should be not classic case of , Cat going to pilgrimage after eating 12 mouse . In recent past many officers relatives who have seen to have done less for the Society have already lost in election . Public have its own way to select a leaders and to punish less deserving ones and in a Democratic world a democratic means have to be applied . So why this double jeopardy / punishment to some . Single outing one particular officer and making him escape Goat is completely ill founded . Even if he was corrupted I at least give him the credit of fighting the ruling Party though not in right platform like Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh . The Party with difference where majority are expected to vote freely which is important point for development and deliverance . It is time for all the Opposition and the like minded ruling class citizens to also realize their folly least one day they become also victim of this one by one . After all in Politics nothing can be taken for granted see what happened of some mighty senior leaders last election . So time may come to receive what you have given to others . The Political Parties should evolve a common plan to punish five most corrupted officers from each Community that can be accepted but at the same time what can be also done to those leaders who is alleged to have purchased lands in costly places like Goorgaon near Delhi where japansed Companies also not dare to purchase . Need not to say that most of the rich Politicians have earned by dubious means alone though in vintage position they will pooh pooh this allegations . But the facts says that some leaders have become 19 – 20 times more richer by next election and that have been reflected in their affidavit . But it has to be also accepted that we the Publics are no less responsible for this state of affairs . We cannot blame an individual for Societies commulative failure thus in future Political revolution should be encouraged . Last time unfortunately due to lack of coordinated approach we missed that chance but in next election Publics response towards PPA Party is encouraging and it may spearhed the demolition work of Congress citadel . And we may see wonder like in sikkim and Nagaland .
Though some Officers have earned more than their known source of income but Nobody can deny that atleast some are making their Shopping comlex here in our native place and also some Officers like Sri Tabom Bamji I.A.S and Dr. T. Basar presently suspended Director Health have excelled in their respective fields . One the first I.A.S and other gold medalist in AIMS in his MBBS degree ; should not our Govt. recognize their talent like in USA or throw them to rot in oblivion like in Pakistan it is up to Govt. to decide , but one day it may have to answer the Publics .

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