Sunday, February 7, 2010


There is nothing official about it that next paradise of the investment is going to be Arunachal Pradesh . with the fear of the global submergance due to water as shown in Hollywood blockbuster 2012 the rich People better get there place booked in State like Arunachal in advance as coastal areas like Madras and Bombay are said to be under threat . Accident happens when one is least bothered and at the time of crisis once richness also becomes of no use . see the fear of the Investors in the Dubais Global Island and Palm Beach island project where real estate investors have suffered heavy losses in the view of NASA’s prediction that due to melting of glaciers in polar area coastal areas are going to be effected.It is time for making the family secured before the Dooms day this can be made possible by taking a land for lease in Investors paradise in the state of Arunachal Pradesh . Why because here one can get cheapest land for lease it is pertinent to mention that as per 6th schedule and Arunachal Frontiers Act 1773 land cannot be sold in Arunachal Pradesh to an outsiders . Neverthless the ratio of population is very less as such lease rent will be very cheap and still there are large track of virgin land . and also unlike Mizoram , Meghalaya , Sikkim and Nagaland where locals have outsmart the Plain Peoples in Bussiness the Arunachal Publics are still very simple and cooperating . And unlike other North East state we have no insurgency and there is honest approach from chinese side to woe the boundary areas as they seems to be a responsible neighbour . we should also see our weakness we should not have transferred the sincere SSB and replace it with ITBP who failed to make as much patrolling in border areas it is heard . And even if Chinese Dams bursts the places like Basar of west siang Dist. Will be not effected whereas in the plains most of the cities and towns may wipe out as they are mostly lying in same altitusde . In the recent Hollywood movie 2012 the world leaders are seen to choose china for making Nuas Ships in case of natural calamity because it is only China which can do so within short time due to its descipline and cheap labours and Also Arunachal being near to high mountain ranges of Mt. Everest we should not have problem . This hypothetical theory may be suddenly fact one day so better be preffered , see what happened to the Hindu family who started there journey lately towards Tibbet in Hollywood movie 2012 . The agile climate of the State and the abundant water and stream will make it solid choose for investment in hydro power sactor , tourism , Cattle rearing , Tea Garden ,School bussiness and Organic farming . The World Oil reserves are going to be finished any time , in our place we can live comfortably with nature saving our selfs from side effects of Ultra Violet rays of Global warming and as such already Plain Peoples are rushing for this remote state for investing for future families survivle
The virgin forest of the Arunachal Pradesh will ensure its conducive climate specially rainfall which is very vital for agriculture . soon fertile places like Panjab may see scarcity of water , therefore the countries vast food need can be satisfied from here that too Organic ones . As in this State the green manure is abundant which is formed from the fallen leaf which gets decay and become natural manure which have no side effects unlike use of fertilizers . Fortunately for Arunachal all types of crops and fruits grows here from mango to kiwi and apple . The history is witness country prospered only due to its cattle rearing bussiness like Ranches in America , there is ample of oppurtunity for ranches in the state . Only is that the land is not for sale and can be taken in lease for peanuts for about 50yrs.which may be increased by the Govt. seeing the state interest . The present Publics are also not aversed to the using of Chakma and Hajongs as cheap labourers for state interest that way we can peacefully coexist . And regarding its Geographical isolation there is recently plan to makeinter District trans - Arunachal highway between all the Districts . The visitors should have more Bussiness oppurtunities outside Itanagar as they will have have more cheap land with scenic beauty like the west siang districts Basar of A.P. This is not only a Bussiness proposition but a goodwill gesture with Humanity in miond . We as co-Country man must share the burden of the country but it should be in a organised way beneficial to both . Remember money should be used for saving you and your family is the rich Peoples of the coastal areas hearing who are in imminent threat from Sea water as per NASA which cannot be denied.The resident commissioner New Delhi Chanakyapuri and Resident Commissioner Gauhati assam zoo road will help getting the Innerline Permit

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