Tuesday, February 16, 2010


There seems to be no dirt of creative directors with thought provoking stories in Hollywood , after all the US only allows the best to live there . See the creative story of the origin of Dinosaurs’ in Hollywood blockbuster - Jurassic Park . Between the two most costliest films of this year Avatar and 2012 it is difficult to fathom which is better . Specially in Dolby sound system the English movie become all more interesting to watch . the Avatar is just four hundred crore costlier than the movie 2010 which cost US 2000 dollar I,e- 2 billion dollar . Man this is mindboggling so much spend on movie . Therefore the competitive Directors don’t want to take any risk , they seems to make lots of research before there new projects whose sincerity , perfection only our Bollywood star Amir Bhai can match .
If the 2012 seems to support Christian beliefs based on Noah’s story making a huge Boat before world is devasted by flood and Avatar seems to be reply from the believers of Hindu faith who believe in reincarnation . And it seems it has also got kind of support from Eastern countries specially Islamic terrorist influenced countries who are getting setback in there war against the hi- tech weapons of Western Countries and they temporarily seems to be enjoying the defeat of the hi-tech armies of the Planet Earth from spiritually connected aliens I,e -at least in a movie. And that all seems to be part of pre researched outcome of human psychology which made the movie so successful.
The clash of civilization theory seems to be most evident in the American Society, who seems to be fighting unknowingly between themselves , the question seems to be who is superior .The American think tanks are so advance and seems to be using this human weaknesses also , as after all every one is communal and thinks themselves to be most superior as an Individual and community even if one lives in howsoever developed Country ; and this mans greatest weakness is seems to be taken benefit by Hollywood . Even if 2012 flood accident doesn’t happen as shown in Movie it seems many will surely die by the time circa 2012 approaches as mass paranoid created by movie which is a bullshit but nevertheless a good bullshit . The fear of the movie also seems to have positive effects on those who were not sincere with their gods and may now seek God diligently this way discipline and respect to nature may also increase . Lets hope world become better by 2012 contrary to the mayhem created by ambitious Directors who wanted Oscar awards at the cost of the Humanity’s mass paranoid reaction .
Next time it will be interesting to see what short of interesting movie are made by Hollywood . As for now going by more creative ideas each year the world is in for more interesting movie next time , may be a hypothetical 3rd World war between China and America is the perfect story which I should write and may have to reserve the copy right as well to share the Hollywood mint of gold the place where the bucks seems to stop .

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