Sunday, February 7, 2010


The real curse above Delhi is not ISI or water but it’s the monkey . what can be done to solve this problem as report of some family leaving the Delhi for good is coming up . By next election time this may be the real issue may be time have come for all the Party to rise above parochial view and bring out a lasting solution therefore this thesis. I suggest why not this monkeys be shifted to the jungle of the Arunachal pradesh in military aircrafts and dropped in different part of the Arunachal Pradesh with the prize to the state Govt. for accepting this , say rupees five thousand for each monkeys . I suppose the state Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh have also recently move in the state assembly for accepting Monkey Langur as the state symbol of A.P this may be beneficial to the state as well . Unlike Delhi virgin forests will ensure that monkey will be best were they are suppose to be in jungle ; also as now we are duty bound to save the monkeys our cousine brothers as some Hindi belt Peoples already calling us monkey in deregotery way . Today we should not go for emotion but for a benefit as lakhs of monkeys will increase the state coffers if my formula works which will be beneficial to both the Centre state relationship . It is time to give back something to the New Delhi from which we have got so much I am writing this not that I am expecting proposal of making me as brand ambassador of Delhi by shila Dixit but to help my countries capital .
This time Maneka Gandhi should not make a fuss about it as she is also one of its victim . there is every possibility that angry Delhites rising above party politics will open the monkey full of pinjiras with selected notorious once just in the lawn of messiah of the animals . some Peoples seems to remember there previous life and there responsibilities after a long time . But this time better sense should prevail on our co-homo sepien from Pilani .The other animal activist who are not from Delhi will make a lot of fuss like the Arunachalees will make Kawab out of hanumanji . Man it was long time nback when in femine Peoples were so desperate but not any more we know our menu well and monkey doesn’t taste good specially it remainds of the picture of the charred baby . Even in other place this things would have been practised earlier . But human being is the most important of all the present animals who can do corruption and buzz to accept logical and practical argument . Wasen’t our leaders are for the human beings first than animal ; and surely in Delhi water levels seems to have crossed regarding monkey who are hated more than Dawood Ibrahim’s D Company . From ancient point of view also Hanuman seems to be wrongly defined as monkey boss he must have been either Neanderthal or Cromagnon man . As the matter of fact earlier we the funny looking Peoples from North East specially Arunachalees were earlier called as monkey by Cow belt may be we looked different than . Today even after using lots of Amuay products we look like a Nepalee to plain Peoples as because we stayed in a different Geographical locassion with peculier food menus like some insects which taste like acids used to be earlier taken . If this is the case today than thousands of years back when Arya putra Ram and his party interacted with Hanuman a tribal person for first time what would have been his reaction . Due to Continental drift Human race must have remain cut off from each other for crores of years which made us different from each other . So much so that today we don’t accept the same Human origin theory of Holy Bible . Doesn’t Tulsidas write vividly about Rams interaction with the Sabri in Ramcharitmanans , the way present day Rahuljis visit to low caste house in U.P is publisice with great fanfare for political end . Than what to say about Hanumanji who must have been from other gene either Cromagnon or Javaman for sure or his case may be Chromosom defect case which are still now found . Therefore only if few accidents happens it will be a genuine ones as hanumans successors will only eat monkeys not the man eat Hanumanji . Hanumanji’s soul will rest in peace that his sons who have intermingled with Aryans are living happilly . Next time if we succed the Arunachalee should be given due recognisation by delhi for sharing there burden alas regarding gandi nali nothing could be done but something regading which we could do something why politics upon it , even is a dead monkey more important than a living human being ?

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