Sunday, February 7, 2010


`Salim langrey par mat hanso, ‘ is what I have to say about Omak Apangji the earlier Ex. Union Minister Govt. of India . As the success ,failure , good time and bad time all belong to God as said in Holy Bible there is time for everything . Thus it is time for temporary excile for young and dynamic leaders from whom society had a much expectation earlier . History is witness sometimes those who have been ruled out have come back with more vigouressness . From my point of view Jr. Apang have been unnescessarily dragged into controvercy for his honesty and down to earthness . He should not in any way be blamed for his fathers misgovernance if any even his father can be only hated by the PPA Party not the present establishment who have been made by him only . I give Omakji the credit like Gorvachev to bring glasnost and perestroika in Arunachal pradesh in real sense of term as now that seems to be more important , as who ever becomes MLA or C.M .he should be able to bring a change we believe in and earlier there was no innovation and creativity was lacking with old leaders a sence of fear ruled but omak who was enjoying the system showed his magnamity to come forward for a change. which was successfully coined by Barack obama’s camp in US election to vote for the change Americans believe in , that is other matter that Omakji himself had to pay the price for wanting this so fast within a short time. He is a kind of that person who calls spade a spade . And doesn’t believe in voter Bank Politics . It is but natural that Apangs have been earlier treated as special by whole publics thus publics as a whole is to be blamed for spoiling him if they call him impatient and angry etc. Man in this world no body is perfect we should not forget that judgement belong to God. When we blame Apang’ s for all the mayhem we have to also take our responsibility for keeping mum . Those who have minted money in name of apangs have no right to advice them now . Besides they are still having treasure house of experiences and connection so what time is not with them . For future aspiring Leaders there blessing will be also invinsible .
True to his believe in the revolution during his hey days he promoted Youths and tried to make drastic changes that may have antagonist some regional satraps who were seeing his brand of Politics as threat to them . He is a good social activist I have myself seen his commitment for Future Generation his NGO. It will be wrong to discredit him when many have earned from him earlier . Many of the present Ministers would have been still be non entity if he had not interefered and helped them. Only was that being mortals he and his family were also unaware of the ground realities . he should have heard my friendly sujjestions to refrain from politically promoting his family as every thing too much is bad . But those who played chamcha giris of highest order were the one’s who later cheated him and his family.But many things belong to God only and thus Apang family also need to forgive some Publics as forgiveness is Godliness . as each of ourselves commit so much mistake .
Regarding personal matters we should maintain political ethics , we should not hit someone below the belt . Nothing can be predicted of the future after all time and age is with youths and with times many of the doubts and anger against the family if any should subside specially with most of the Politicians made by Senior Apangji himself ; man this is politics and there is no permanent friend and foe .


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