Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Humor in Language

Togo spare us , was the last thing I remember about my College days friend Miss Ritu and Sarina Anand who were laughing uninterruptly in the loan of the Hindu college Main Building . May be my funny tons had aggravated there laughter , which I was thinking was absolutely correct .I must have said some Hindi which I always thought it was right in most funniest form ; may be it must have been something like in a Cinema called Haqeeqat a Bollywood movie where a Nepali Person was engaged as a Chinese man and was made to speak in Chinese tons in his role . But that is other matter that when I sang in the Hindu Mecca festival friend sarina and other were aghast not that I am a good singer but I had a point to prove . As one thing good about me being a Arunachalee specially Galo was I was born to be a good adjuster a short of salai rench kind of instrument I,e- screw driver which can adjust in any pipe used for repairing the pipe which character is today the most vital for the aspiring Politicians .

Today also many Mobiles are carrying laughing items where different communities of the State who have more peculiar voice than us have been exposed . And this may have gone all over the world like earlier film actor Ajitjis dialogue all time popular among the NRIS .My Gori Village of west siang dist. Arunachal Pradesh has also lately developed the notoriority for creating such famous Galo dialogue like – alli tamabe, which means all will be well which dialogue came up recently before movie 3 Idiots in the form of – All is well and other sentence which is catching up like wild fire is - Ramla , Bala , mala means sick ,vomit ,lies which is sarcastically used to challenge the person who either pretends to be sick or cannot tell his secret disease to others . Lately some Nishi brothers studying in Tomi polytechnic College Basar is also rumored to export this languages to their native places. Thus world is really becoming global .

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