Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Tani Federal Forum the voice of the Abo Tanis Descendents

The recently constituted Tani Forrum which was started by some Intillectuals of the Abo Tani descendents on the 16thjune 2007 in a Hotel in Lakhimpur Assam is a very noble beginning for the Tani Descendents who are living a lonely and a forgotten life entangled in worst transition crisis of there life fighting against there own clan members ,thus for overall development of the Peoples this jeolosy and hatred is to be removed it was felt by majority present and like Nagas who are only identified as a single entity the Abo Tani descendents who are at present fragmented into many parts are needed to have a common identity so that it was more vibrant and valued in the Indian sub continent. It was that felt necessary to rise above our inferiority complexion and call ourselves the sons of Tanis outside the State as well. The constructive communalism was inabitable and a Social necessity it was felt, but it has to be non political for in it will lie its success mantra the majority opined. The majority speakers felt the need for a constructive Communalism as other Communities are also having this sort of organisations. That is inspite of so many similarities some anti Social elements are maligning the image of the whole Society that was regretted; the Society is committed to bring a uniform fine and punishment for crime commited as lately it is seen that some anti Social elements are vititating the atmosphere by harrassing other clans members in small matters as well , the other need has been felt to do something towards increasing Tourism in Abo tani belt which has a vast potentialities, fighting against imposition of Sanskrit in Tani belt and immidiate implimentation of the uniform Tani Scripts, fighting against bandh calls in Assam and peaceful solution of the boundary disputes and improving the status of the Mishings the descendents of the Tani Aaos in Assam who have migrated from Arunachal Pradesh long time who are biologically and culturally part and partial of our society and in whose benefit is our benefit .
A forrum was felt needed to decide our problems thus this forrum is a right move in a right time. The problems of Tani clan is really mindbloging and are co-related as the Mishings are located on the way to the Galo belt and can help to a great extent in solving the age old crisis of Boundary disputes and bandh that disturbs the communication. By identifieng our similarities the inter tribe disputes and superiority complexions will be greatly checked to a great extent as lately there is too many complains of excesses in Itanagar area by some particular communities which is effecting there own prospects also besides the prospects of all the Abotani clans as due to illreputation of the Tani belt members no body wants to visit this place. This is a completely a non Political Organisation and in the long run this is capable of giving good co-operation with all the other communities as well. The other communities need not be worried about its formation as it is a purely a development organisation and seek to co-ordinate with other organisations also in the long run.The heads of all the abo Tani Communities need to cocordinate with our Tani federation so that it can bring a flatform to the long need desire of bringing unity in diversity.In this regards the heads of the T.M.P.K, Nishi Elite Society, Galo Bane keba and the Adi Society etc. are expected to contact Spokesman Adv.Togo Basar for necessary information.The union has decided to celebrate its 2nd meeting next year in Likabali.

Sincerely Your’s ,

Adv. Togo Basar


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Unknown said...

hello Mr. Togo Basar.. i was curious about the TFF.. whether it is still in existence or is it defunct nowadys??also i m vry enthusiastic dat our(Tani) intellectuals r having even a thought about having us all united.a movement of this sort(pan-tani) is urgently required.sir, if you can, plz do reply my message!

Anonymous said...

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