Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Poaching of Elephant

Something has to be done soon to stop the poaching of elephant as it is said to be done with impunity in some place in Basar and Likabali area, so much so that there is no more elephant with trunk it is heard as the one with the trunk is said to live separately from there group or break it themselves for the fear of jeopardizing the interest of the whole group. The earlier Peoples used to revered the elephant and fear it for killing it as it used to be highly costly affairs as the local pooja has to be done to pacify the Unidentified Living Object (ULO) but today’s Peoples may eat the devil itself if it is found and Elephant meat is no exception; devil has finally got its match . The Villagers has said to relish the meat of the Elephants killed by the Poachers. The Elephants are now compelled to live in a state of fear in the hilly areas were they are seen watching the Villagers secretly so the Villagers who have to go to jungle there life is also at risk .The elephants are also seen to target the fields and damage the crops most noticeably in Kamdak and Taba area of Basar of West Siang District. Arunachal Pradesh were the Farmers are at present living from there hand to mouth. The Government needs to immediately do something regarding it before the hungry Peoples take the law in there own hand and finish of rest of the Mammals. The Government can put solar fencing in those most damage prone area and if necessary officially permit the catching of Elephant calves as a mode of self sustenance as it is very costly in places like Kerela ; may be it will be possible to catch elephants with the help of the syringe by making them temporary unconscious but professional experts will be needed. As the Kamdak Taba Villagers are really suffering like anything therefore Govt. should create an alternative mode for there self sustinence.

Yours faithfully ,

Adv. Togo Basar

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Anonymous said...

Elephants without trunks? surely you means TUSKS right?