Thursday, June 26, 2008

The IR Ban

IRBN recent work in Daporizo is highly condemnable as they have brought disrespect to whole of Galo community and zeopardise the security of the whole community in other place ; they have perfectly shown what happens if Power is given to immature youths . And like some rudidant rice variety like IR-8 they stand worst chance of being doing away with if they don’t publicly apolise for what ever they have done. It is not the first time they have done so they think it there fundamental right to beat and rebuke the innocent publics . They are acting like official gang in peaceful area taking law in there own hand if they are interested in fighting alone let they be made Boxers or Karate experts this way atleast we will have hope for medal in the field of Games and Sports . Let them show there calibarity in Insugent infested place like Tirap where they are allege to carry rice bag for NSCN .They are thinking themselves as Defacto Government ; Who is giving them immense power ? Govt. must release a white paper document on there selection procedure . Is Govt. recruiting anti Social elements for there own need ; in that case they need to be either saked or given some other work or atleast given counselling by Psychologists and Spiritual leaders .Let they get real training may be even art of living course or Ram Dev’s Sudarshan Kriya will help the young lads from controlling there tempartment. Or like the great march of the PLA (Peoples Liberation Army of China) they may have to punished commulatively by making them march all around the Arunachal road so that next time they think hundred time before shooting at innocent public without proper Magistrate order . The Daporizo case has once again let history repeat itself this can be called 2nd Achin Morin case were innocent were the casuality .

Sincerely Your’s ,

Adv. Togo Basar.

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