Thursday, August 16, 2007

Politics in Sports

The Political influence in the sports is bad, it really effects the spirit of the sports . The injustice was felt by us when we attended the subroto Mukherjee Cup final against the Madhyam Gram in Delhi in the Year 1988 were three of our beteran footballers were removed on pretex of over age of the players in Semi Final stage, this was a plot, by and by; as most of the Organisers were Bengalis like K.K Ganguly Wing Commander [ Retd.] Honorary Secretary General and definitely wanted there Bengal to win the Football by hook or crook. At that time unfortunately Human right was not as vocal as today nor we had strong lobby in Delhi or this injustice could have been fought tooth and nail; we tried to protest as the removal of Jumli Ete, Mardo Ninu and Gumba Padu who were backbone of the team was definitely going to effect us but to no result; so much injustice were done to us as even Players smaller to most of our players were allowed to play. God alone knows how much amount of pain was put into our preparation, today also when we see the ground in R.K.M we remember with a nostalgia that this was the ground were we played, were we swet and smelled the mud of the ground; time was so different than ; that kick we felt when we wored the jersy of the R.K.M. being the part of the Unbeatable team of the State we felt the greatest kick of our life; we miss that adrenelin showering in our body when we had the chance to play in the Ambedkar Stadium which was the dream come through. Today also the players of the team have a special feeling for eash other. I am writing this because let there be no such injustice in the future that too in national level in the capital of Delhi as the North east guys are not inferior to any one and as it was later amply proved by Mizoram School winning the football after us. If this article are being read by the person who had orchested this evil plan let them come forward and apolige as it is a great shame for whole Bengali Community to win by default and deceit that day Madhyam Gram Higher Secondery School won the match against Arunachal pradesh but Bengal lost.


Bomken Basar said...

I think removal of some of the players was not politics.It happens to all states of India when they feel that the player is above the age limit.But Kudos to all those great RKM heros of 1988.Such combination can be seen rarely now a days.

Anonymous said...

Politics is ruining every sphere of sports in our country...I agree with your thoughts!