Thursday, June 26, 2008

Itanagars Jack the Ripper

The brutal murder of two sisters in the vicinity of Akash Deep is highly condemnable as per what People say may be God have even cried that day on 13th June 2008 and send unprecedentant natural disaster next day , the accuse who seems to be a Psychopatic maniac even did not spared the dead body of the victim and mutiliated it in most inhuman manner , he did not even stop after commiting rape or assualt ;the Government should immediately give this case to CBI and take action against the culprits and those who were behind it and even if Powerful Peoples were involved they should not be pardoned ; Jack the Ripper that son of the Bitch must be cought and molested the same way by the police as he did to two Lama Sisters this is common thinking doing the round. Had it not been against legal procedure my wife says the accuse should be done same thing in the vicinity of Akash Deep ; he should be cut bit by bit and if Government makes it open my wife like many others want to personally go down to Itanagar to give devil his own dues. This case will definately come under rarest of rare case and the culprit must be given capital punishment ; had this been in other place it would have been a Breaking news like Nitish Katara murder case etc. But unfortunately for our State the news like this is soon forgotten, thus the murderer must be cought immediately so that the Publics have once again faith in Judiciary .

With the crime expected to rise more in capital area Government must increase the Police Patrolling , aware General Publics about the safety measures like use of locks in door and identification of the Servents etc. The Pertinent question - Is Government giving proper counselling and proper relief to the victim from its side ? Govt. must come out with a white document on what steps it has taken. No amount of tear will stop the trauma of the family of the victim, only may be a chance given to family member to meet the accuse before he is finally hanged this may be the best way to solace the poor family, they should be given a liberty to either give a good beating from there side or forgive before jerm of the Society is hanged this alone will satisfy them as there life will be never same again, therefore this step is worth pondering by the Government though not legal but purely on humantarian ground ; as in America also laws takes its own course but Parents are given this opportunity . May God bless the family members with patience and endurance at this time of crisis and peace to eternal souls of two sisters who have suffered so much before death, may this be the last case of this kind .

Sincerely Your’s ,

Adv. Togo Basar

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