Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Corruption Unlimited

The greatest corruption to me is acknowledging the corrupted person as it has helped to increase it manifold. Eventually it is the MLA and MP lade fund that only goes in the form of donation and money to manipulate the Voters contrary to the popular view that the rich leaders will spare there excesses which of course they will never making sure that it eventually rot in Swiss Bank or end up in gambling in Los Vegas or to pay anti Social elements as ransom. This is also best lessons to a corrupted Public who deserve such kind of leaders, remember there was never a traditionally rich man in Arunachal it is all media made; tell me a single Person who is a rich man without having a Political background its wrong to respect one only for richness for there cup board is filled with human skeleton. Man has made money than why it should run after it, as the money can be made but not the man .Money is the product of Human time. If our Leaders mean Business-Why not they make the Publics so powerful that they need not beg for petty amount for medical treatment etc. Publics are also one hell of a fool, if they want to really earn they should praise the opposition leader and criticize the Leader from whom they expect money as today Leader will only cater to the need of the Opposition not there Man Friday and chamchas whom they will take for granted for whom whom they will give ?
It is still possible to make some alternative perennial source of earning by the Government for the unemployed youths but for that Publics should also realize it is better to have a fish than a pond. But how it can if the ruling Govt. each time gives Party tickets to uninspiring leaders who are basically Business Men of highest order , who neither have time , motivation and vision and above all lack credibility and respect from Publics being the most corrupted; who are in fact treat to there own master as well some day . But those Business man leader may be also in the verge of burning there hand badly in coming election as things have changed today; aware Publics who take money from the corrupted ones but whose vote they also don’t guarantee and the RTI will make sure that they don’t recover there money that easily and eventually many may have to see the door of Tezpur mental asylum as today even first timers without money who are popular and outspoken are getting Public trust and winning after all Government will probably change so soon that it will do away with ruling phobia as ruling members have there own relatives vulnerable to transfer and posting ; after all today only section of Publics are after Bear and rums and wants Lions share from corrupted ones . In fact corrupted ones will fall to there own nemesis , excessive money and muscle display may attract Insurgents and anti social elements who have also becomes boss in there own right , it is said that things have become such bad in Bihar that the Engineers are paying hefty amount for getting posted in planning as there is said to be treat of kidnapping and extortion time and again to them and there family if they are posted in division; today time for merry making and enjoyment has passed leader has to be ready to sacrifice as bullet may come from any direction bullet proof being limited to Z category VVIP ‘s. As Newton said every thing has equal and opposite reaction so for God’s sake let us make introspection of highest order.

Sincerely Yours ,

Adv.Togo Basar


Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

I appreciate whatever you have written regarding the backup for the source of income for the youths but i have a question reagarding this,"are arunachalee youths ready to do any kind of odd jobs like cutting hair,tailoring,etc for their living?"i mean not all arunachlees have rich parent,we have to start with something to make ourselves self sufficient.Is there any solution to this??

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
Being an Arunachalee that too from one of the most backward district of Arunachal Pradesh called Changlang, where corruption fuels the functioning of all the Govt. mechanism, it was glad to come across your candid article that unveiled the corrupt system of a corrupt state.
Keep inspiring with your magical and honest words.

Yours truly

(Tom Simai)
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