Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today when the Govt. has miserably failed us PPA is the best option, accepted that present regime has tried to do something but it is not enough as it was a mare step to humiliate Apang, which is of no concern to us after all Senior Leaders are like old wine in new bottle ; definitely interest of the State is our priority number one we cannot afford to witness large scale corruption to satire the never ending need of Party Obserbers of National parties at the States expense , gone is the days of AC Party playing mokery of regionalism which was like spoiled Child adopted by than Chief Minister Gegong Apang after he had already aborted the PPA.Today when the State Politicians have polluted the Congress and BJP beyond repair PPA is only party which can get identified by the common masses as it has witstand the worst reppreson and have reborn against the odds. Earlier PPA had some basic problems as most of the Officers at that time were non tribals who were sceptical of regional party, coupled with the extraordinary power given to the Lt.governor K.A Raja who was a known PPA enemy its death was natural . Another thing was earlier wrath of ruling Govt . was too much to bear for the poor and illeterate opposition who were often left in lurches . The family Patriarch e,i-father used to carry command over sons and wife and Apang either used to mesmerize them or God knows what he used to gave the senior Citizens that all the family had to toe his line as popular political propaganda doing the round by Apangs chamchas was Yapom Aao e,i-Devils son will never loss was a catchy theme than ; and lastly when PPA was earlier launched, issues like- corruption and nepotism were ethopian idea during the time of legendryTomoji but neverthles he used to sometime manage to win ; today after unearthing of numerous scams things should be more easy . But today there is complete freedom of expresson and freedom is in our blood and PPA recognise this inherent tribal character , today there is a need for a positive Tribal chauvinism so that locals have dignity of living and excell with confidence in whatever they do , this will further remove the barriers based on religion and other man made bounderies and eventually unify all the Abo Tani groups in particular and Arunachal in general as region is the only sentiment which can bind us ; today even the NonTribals should realise that it is for there best interest that the locals should come up in all fronts so that they servive if there master plourish .It is mistake to think that Society is filled with rogues and thiefs , the good Peoples were and will be always in majority but there was earlier never any coordinated approach but today things are different as shown in some places like Basar in Panchayat election which has shown that Publics have finally risen above the fear of powerful Politicians , rich Beurocrates and Ruling phobia which earlier used to be cash on by Apangji .
Is it a sign of coming danger for the Political manipulators who change
there colours like chamelion who do any thing for ruling ticket as today we are no fool
and will continually attack Government as a good opposition Party if there need be and
won’t be fooled again like AC Party Cadres .We are planning to have coalition
partnerhip with other opposition groups to make our attack more lethal with the PPA
having majore say in tribal dominant places , going by what is transsfiring in Stated like
Sikkim and Nagaland it seems time is now perfect for rise and rise of PPA.

Sincerely Your’s ,

Marto Nyodu
District president PPA

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