Thursday, June 26, 2008


Who is to be blamed? the M.L.A’s or the Mantris and there tantra mantra, living in fear psychosis our M.L.A’s never want to miss any news of the health of the Govt. so much so that some may be scarred to even make a tour in there Constituency, as if like the Lord Indra who must have been continually changing his Mantris for the fear of the Govt. that is the case in our State. But that has to be also accepted that the present leadership is trying to be bit different as of now from other legislator but soon they may also catch cold , a friend of mine told me that when ever there is rumor, a ripple regarding the health of the Govt . even the cabinet Ministers are ready to join the magic figure; what to say about the simple MLA’s after it crosses sixty percent even Cabinet Ministers are ready to come through ventilator inside the room where the new CM will be decided and now even new tactics have evolved, instead of the old drama in Bomdilla Hotel, it is now in La Meridians New Delhi away from opponents imagination, our the representatives seems to have gone high tech day is not far Govt. will be made in Foreign Countries assisted by likes of D. Company. The blame is always made to the Publics but fact is that some has made fortune at the cost of the Publics and so they are ready to risk to become the king of the State after all when will this ill gotten money used if not today? Our new Hon’ble CM Sir is said to have requested his Cabinet Colleague to notify him to vacate the C.M seat if he fail short of majority without having to see his nemesis at least he is brutally honest. Today even the seasoned and Veterans are seeming to be after pot of gold, they make many lame excuses to emotionally blackmail the poor Voters in there initial days but later proves to be a perfect son of a Bitch as the person of good virtues are never promoted as such this problem will persists till may be permanent CBI is stationed may be this time supported by rich and influential also fed up with daily kidnapping, murder and decoity specially directing towards their progenies.

Yours Sincerely,

Adv. Togo Basar

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