Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dead end

The NASA prediction that the world is facing Dooms day situation due to excessive hotness of the Sun which happens after every ten thousand years and which is going to fall on 2012 is really a cause of concern for us as Scientists are said to already see peculiar activity in Sun through telescope . The fear is aggravated by the said prediction of Nostredumus and the Human Civilization Calendar made by Incas of Machu Pichu of Peru who have described Human civilization till 2012 is thought provoking . Even our Folk tales says of Sun becoming double in olden times and Hanuman eating one sun in Hindu ; some may reason it to be due to excessive sins and corruption prevailing and that God is punishing the World like it happened in Noahas time as Polar Ice caps must have melted that time also due to hotness though it always baffled critics. Now two types of People will have two different view one who think it is better specially unachievers in life who will say let us enjoy and make merry in rest of the life but Haves who have slogged there all life for there kit and kins , may have there fear shivering down there body for the first time; for one of our kinds who have lived life full nothing personally concern but it is important for the sake of Human Civilization to ponder upon the consequence of electing whimsical and non God fearing person for whom may be time has come for surrendering and confession to the God who alone can change the nature. But amidst this looming danger will Human nature still change or not by saying farewell to corruption and nepotism only time will tell. Meanwhile let all the Temple, Gangi and Church goers pray to almighty God for removing this threat to Human Civilization from there core of Heart this time without fighting with each other.

Sincerely Your’s ,

Adv. Togo Basar .

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