Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Days of atonement

This has to be the days of atonement for the peoples of the Country as number of prediction by the spiritual and Scientists lead to the doom of the planet earth due to Global warming and as NASA visualize that Sun is reaching it maximum condition which happens after every ten thousand years which may fall on Circa 2012 which is only 4 Yrs from now, may be Gods wrath is falling on the earth like in Noah’s days. May be time has come for us to sincerely prey together to thwart this danger to Human civilization which can be saved alone by Gods grace ness. God has all the reason for being angry as no body bothers to do according to Gods liking. Today corruption has become universal and accepted fact but some thing ought to be done also for the cause of poor and downtrodden. Politics have become only art of staying in power ; time has come to give chance to new faces ; old leadership has failed us, as they had so much power that they could have changed the scenario, plus they had ample opportunity to do so; but it seems they were busy minting money for themselves and there progenies . Today no amount of crocodiles tears will remove some of the Old Veterans sins who seems to have been busy siphoning of the creamy layers of the Central and State funds to quench their never ending lust so much so that honest leaders are seen as worthless and unachievers. The coming days are going to be turbulent in some places, specially were there is no introspection of the highest order as the underground elements who are supposed to be the gift of the senior leaders will be danger to there own master. Today Publics are living in a make believe world a fools paradise specially the rich ones who are unaware of the lurking dangerous situation that is awaiting Society due to them as they have Jeopardized the security of whole Society by promoting anti Social elements for there own need .

Who anticipated that there will be sudden rise of Mao Wadi in Nepal, the situation is same here today as like the king and family members of Nepal all the Ministers and Bureaucrats also want to capture all the powers and gap between haves and haves not more as never before. Today if we don’t ignite a Political and Democratic revolution a time will come when a extremist leader like Prachanda of Maow Wadi will cash in on this communication gap between rich and poor vacuum. The frightening truth about the State is there is no common religion, language and the communal feeling within us , this dissimilarity will one day eat us up. Therefore there is immediate need to do something in this line the corrupted leaders have failed to get that due respect as earlier leaders like Late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin pertinji they have definitely failed to motivate this Society, as today Peoples don’t respect them genuinely as no leader like Late N.T. Ramarao can sacrifice at the cost of his family members by declining to stay in CM’s Banglow N.T show a precedent ; may be Leaders who earlier used to foolishly display there ill gotten money will have problem today hiding there property as the bad time is coming for them. Some critics are doubting why some rich

Peoples are dying mysteriously don’t they are not exterminated by Swiss Govt. themselves? to do away with there Bank money which are basically earned by dubious means for all the Leaders of 3rd World Countries are corrupted to the core and pretend as if they have earned there money in rightful way. Fact is all the States leaders are nova rich and there fathers like ours were simple farmers.
For Gods shake Publics today need to rise from its big Kumbakarna sleep as the future problem is going to be unimaginable in compare to the present problems. The money which is given to public is a small amount in compare to what Leaders get . Thus the Publics need to realize this ; today the media, Judicial activism , RTI and the watchful Election commissioner has made sure that the right person are elected or why all the corrupted and redundant old leaders are loosing there magical charm in spite of there meticulously planned election campaigning advised by the professional experts. Today good thing about the publics is ruling or no ruling the man is mattering at least the vision and dreams of Late Tomo Riba and Bakin pertinjis a vision of a Society free from fear and suppression has really come today as the lobby system has evolved and most of the population barring the rich who are like Bourgeois class during the French revolution time are realizing that only the rich are enjoying all the comforts and luxury of life as additional funds etc. have become meaningless as it never reaches the poor. The Public need to be watchful, callousness of the Publics will eat us one day. The election of the MLA’s and MP’s who don’t have the guts to say an spade a spade will one day finish of our State. The need of the hour is election of morally upright Peoples it is time we stop hating our poor leaders . We need to stop living in fools paradise and thinking that all is good in this eastern front. The days are gone when the leaders can dance whole night with beautiful ladies today they are probably going to be the first target of the terrorism. So the aspirant leaders with the indomitable guts are most welcome .The Publics need to continue counseling and guiding there sons- the future generation in the path of righteousness by taking them in spiritual centers like Church, Gamgi and Gompas where Peoples are seeking kingdom of the God before this generation face dooms day prematurely for being mute spectator to Social injustice.

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Anonymous said...

how can someone spell Bourgeoisie perfectly right and yet write for "gods SHAKE" and for Publics?

Its so easy to blame it all on god, looks like you have been brainwashed by Hindu missionaries.

Anonymous said...

What has spellings got to do with Hindu missionaries? By that logic you are brainwashed by Christian missionaries?