Thursday, June 26, 2008


The small version of Brahmaputra darshan Siang Darshan has finally arrived with a big bang and it should grow ever and and ever like Kumbh Mela as for the first time Govt. has tried to do something substantial. This year ofcourse the management failed to make nice promos of the grand show so the little crowd was acceptable but in long run if it is going to be celebrated in a particular date than its success is granted; the galo Peoples are very friendly towards the Tourists and the unique culture and tradition of the People will ensure the Foreigners to regularly flow inside. We have to learn something from other Countries and States who have excelled in this field like in Sikkim the Students who goes to the outside for further studies are encouraged to promote the Tourism by wearing the T- Shirt having the logo of Sikkim and letter saying, Welcome to Sikkim, which all the Sikkimism Students jelously wears as they know the value of Tourism in Sikkim.
The management should emphasise in inviting Film personalities specially Directors who are known for taking risk for new places and new stories fortunately some of the Arunachal guys are personal friends of Film actors they should be consulted as the film is a good medium to attract the Tourism. Today unfortunately a Fish of the Pond has to be Demonstrated in the Yomgo river as the Fishermen who take fish seem to have finished the Fish by taking even the one with eggs.Initially it would have been good if the price of the menu are lessened as initially in the festival only locals are accepted and this day there is acute financial crisis unlike earlier time .The Deputy Commissioner West Siang District Arunachal Pradesh need to look into matter and find a best possible way to attract the Tourists .

Sincerely Your’s ,

Adv. Togo Basar


Anonymous said...

As a non resident arunachalee, i keenly follow whatever i can find about AP online.

You blog however seems to be a collection of incoherent ramble. Maybe if you wrote with a bit of passion and focus, instead of just trying to sound knowledgeable about things you clearly have no clue blog would be much better.

I am saying this in the most polite manner. I do enjoy reading your blog, once i skim off the gibberish, i do find some information.

Anonymous said...

sir, i think u are doin a good job...u kno, it might sound gibberish to other ''highly'' intelligent people who tk up d troubl to comment bt dsnt lift a finger to do smthn bout it!!!
we youngsters of arunachl r aware of d NUMEROUS shortcmins of our state, we'd like 2 join hands 4 its improvemnt bt who do we addres d prblms to??? d govt??d people?? who????

Togo Basar said...

thanks for criticism. It seems finally I have arrived. Togo

Anonymous said...

I accept grammar is an issue here, but Togo gets 100/100 for honesty!