Thursday, June 26, 2008

Searching for Getem Apang

May God give us Getem as soon as possible and hope his searching doesn’t end up as tough as ,` Saving Private Ryan ,’ as shown in Hollywood Blockbuster .It is the earnest request to all the concern that Getem Apang son of Sri Gegong Apang need utmost prayer support to God as he is a great Guy and right now in worst personal crisis. As whatever may critics say , his father’s role in shaping the Arunachal destination cannot be denied and during his period he benefited somebody or other and even most of the present leadership is in one way or other favored by him ,therefore prayer support is expected from all the nook and corner of the State. Utmost dedication and maturity has to be shown by the Govt. to address this situation as it is a highly sensitive issue and if not properly addressed may spill over to other places with all short of anti Social elements having evil intentions looking for such opportunity in future. The Govt. should also provide security cordon to all the VIP and there relatives as today they are most vulnerable to such incidents. The rumor mongers should stop making mountain out of mole hole, it is time Ruling as well as Opposition Party work in close liaison as every thing should be not politicized .Hope present Leadership under Dorzee Kanduji will live no stone unturned to see to that Getem is with us very soon . I wish brother Getem all the wish and pray almighty God to give patience and endurance to Apang family at this time of crisis.

Sincerely Yours ,

Adv.Togo Basar

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