Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Battle Line is Drawn

The Battle line is drawn between the Congress party vis a vis America Vs C.P.M vis a Vis China ; this was always expected- as the India was the neutral country even during the fight between the Soviet Union and the America our Country being the leader of the Non Alignment Nations . And today as the China is poised to take a big leap the respective Political Parties are lobbying for there old masters . Lately it seems, there is too much pressure upon George Bush to win third term election and this desperation has prompted him to having a favorable nuclear deal with the Indians and also may be the unpredictable regime in the Pakistan may also compel the Pentagon to explore India’s large market which is also profitable from Business point of view this is only way to counter the Business dominance of China in Asia ; this opportunistic move by Americans is hated by CPM and no less than extradition and handing of the Dons hiding in Pakistan can alone remove this misunderstanding ; that is other matter that that they are also pressing the poor Bengalis of Nandigram in there quest for making money.
The foreign Policy is also changing today, earlier Country only used to purchase the weapons of the Soviet Union, it is now compel to purchase from America due to its superiority fire- power as shown in National geography and movies like Amir Khan’s Rang De Basanti were Mig 21 were shown to be redundant and lacking sphere parts due to the disintegration of the Soviet Union; honestly things are changing the public opinion in favor of friendship with U.S.A. this is making Communist to go for look China policy .The Country need to be cautious in approach towards both as national interest is of primary concern .

Sincerely Yours ,

Adv. Togo Basa

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