Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Who is a Nationalist

I appreciate the RSS Endeavour to work for Nationalism, they have kept alive dreams of Swami Vivekananda who dream a great and resurrected India were Indian interest mattered first for him, who was ready to take good thing from e any religion; however no body can claim himself to be the soul harbinger of this Nationalism theory for that will again be like playing politics and thus for national interests a time has come for the great Countries Citizens to define a Nationalist Person for that we got to rise above our age old superiority complexion and emotion for his or her religion and must make a brutally honest introspection of present problem that the country is facing. The Spiritual centre is the conscience of the Country unless they are correct Country will never be , as after the IBN-7 disclosure were some of our Hindu Spiritual Leaders were caught promising to convert the black money into white this argument has become all more important the question come up is, Is there no enemies also within this seemingly most respected pro-Indian Institutions and we were always blame I.S.I. without throwing those sons of the Bitch in the Bay of Bengal , today People must realize the futility of blind faith in there own co-religion and there own leaders and members and thinking poor opinion of others. As Khuswant Singh the noted critics once said about Soniaji, she left her everything for her husband and the Country therefore she is a better Indian as many native Indians have taken too much liberty of there own Independence not to say about the common men the sadhus and Sants doing so is very disturbing ; the problem with Indians are they are rather pro-Congress or B.J.P rather than pro-India, therefore time has come for a open atm-manthan, today a thing has to be seen from all angles before commenting we don’t have other option as well in this globalization period as surprising things are happening like changing of age old Political equations in the form of Behenji Mayawatis rise and rise showing perfect thenga to Manuwadi vichardaris.
But IBN-7 disclosure about Sadhus ready to do Chu-mantar with black money has also brought other religious institutions into limelight as for now barring Church which are utmost only alleged of receiving Foreign money for there functioning, even the Madrasas role in funding the extremist elements are doubted there role is more dangerous to national interest it is believed directly fuelling and inciting the innocents to become Talibans and jehadis, so much so that in future Govt. may be compelled to look into the religion institutions functioning as well, to see when a donation was made by a rich Person and a Corporate house and when the lesser payment was made to the same party by that Institutions in the lieu of a house or a office constructed by that Corporate house because turning black money into white is an anti National work from today’s perspective as few Honest tax payers are suffering and the son of the Bitch are going away with millions of black money unnoticed who knows this unaccounted money are also used for Terrorism activities . Our religion institutions may have fallen to such an extent due to Peoples lack of faith in there god, lack of civil liberty d moral uprightness which comes with it unlike in America were they eat God, talk God, sleep God so much so that in there Constitution and Dollar they have inscribed God’s name whereas on the contrary the Hierocracy of our Leaders is seen by recent kabutarbaji scandal were our M.P’s were sending the Citizens out to other Countries as if saying,` Bhaiya! Patli gali napley’, as if this country is going to sink like Titanic and sink it will one day if we continue to elect leaders like them the solution lies in our maturing up leaving emotional issues based on religion caste and creed which God hates and those contractors of monopolistic spiritualism it is high time to realize the worthlessness of misinterpreting the religion doctrines as the Globalization is going to remove our misconception about dogmatic and superstitious views associated with religion how long a Pastors and Gods servant will be beaten this are against law of the land and against there scriptures as well as they also believe that they have to take thousand birth for getting heaven. God might be checking once soul by borning him as various capacity in this earth sometimes as Christian, Hindu and Mussalman, therefore hatred is bad for themselves also who use it as salvation has been given most important goal in all the scriptures truth is bitter but better latter therefore Hindu brothers need to make a soul search .India is every once even not the Aryans came from outside. Instead of enriching our common place how long an innocent Muslim kids made as cannon fodder of religion by illiterate Maulwis and Qazis who might have read thick Quran but failed to read Sura Al Bakra where consequence of dirty work done in earth is shown in Faisley Ka Din like Christians, Day of Judgement ; greatest Jehad is for the Country to remove the poverty that is only possible if a true Musalman remove the dirt inside him first. God the creator of the Prophet himself must have wanted him to do good if he advocate murder and rape it must be later addition of Caliphs, kings and Emperors to justify there misrule; word of advise for our R.S.S brothers also, if they want to do something for Nationalism in true sense of term let him try to modify this places but for this there moderate members co-operation and friendship will be needed this are basically Human problems for which Leadership of Understanding and trust is needed, the Muslims themselves has today become butts of doubt and suspiciousness the Muslim brothers has to be made aware of this that we don’t hate all the Muslims just like that; may be time has come for enlisting there moderate Community members in Party cadre to deal the threat more effectively to still live in fools paradise to make Indian as a Hindu Rastra which even the Hindus don’t accept which is exemplified by Behenji Mayawatis mockery of the Hindu Varna system itself when today she had practically more powerful than even Brahmans.
Today when Govt. can give large fund to Haj Pilgrimage why it can’t give grant in aid to Madrasas which is fighting against Terrorism and working for modernization of Muslim mindset coercing there community members to join the national mainstream . We should be beware of those Hippocrates who all along criticize the Americans in there Political speech but are the ones who were dyeing to go there , therefore for a Person to be really spiritual his belief system in his god has to be very strong and the system is to be made fool proof against corruption within there institution first, it is wrong to blame others for everything as if we have not benefited from Americas friendship earlier as also they are the one having capability of directly attacking the Terrorists and we instead of benefiting the Partnership with them are talking big which nobody listen as Ram Dhari singh Dinkar said,`Chama shobti Usi Bhujang Ko jiskey Pas Garal Ho, Usko kya Jo dant Hin JoVish Rahit Vinay Viral Hain,’e,i- forgiveness fits to be given by those having Apache helicopters which can be send to hit at the terrorist camp in enemy territory like Israel sorry for saying this but Countries condition is really bad; the internal democracy of the religion ensures that there is check and balance not only among the believers but its goodness will spill over to whole the nation and that can alone come if there is a introspection of a highest order in all the religion as religion is a powerful tool to rectify a Country if used properly and the atom bomb if neglected. It takes ages to make Rome so the saying,` Rome was not built in a Day,’ but takes second to finish a civilization. You can’t make your religion great by criticizing others religion and campaigning to deprive Govt. aid to other religious institutions , interestingly critics are whimsically alleging that the Christians are getting money for conversion from foreign Countries without verifying that it is hard earned money of the common believers who have firm believe in there God that are used for making Churches and Schools. It will be interesting to research what motivate them to blindly obey to there God so much so that in-spite of direct threat to them in India they keep the flame burning of there faith, historically whenever a Christian is persecuted more it has increased manifold. A deep-rooted spiritual Person is an asset to the Country who knows God may bless through one single man therefore a truthful Christian can be coerced to do great thing for a Country as Christianity is most organized religion in the World the credit for Peace in North East can be attributed to its organization as non Christian place like Assam is still battling with Insurgency that is the truth ..All along we have been hearing one side of the story its time to hear the both; in transition period it is but natural that there will be chaos and disorder ; maximum civil war are seen to be fought by Aryans themselves; you name Ramayan, Mahabharat and 2nd world war and they are seen to have something to do with it, therefore we need to discard notion of superiority complexion and acknowledge each others genuine contribution for the Country. We need to identify our common similarity and use the best one for us, this Americans realized long time back that’s why they benefited most by organizing World Parliament of Religion in Chicago were our swami vivekanada also attended and benefited also for himself and India by bringing Ramakrishna Mission concept in the line of Catholic Missions in America .Therefore those spreading threat to Hindu theory may be the one who is harming it most, for in Globalization clash of civilization is inevitable and in that manthan alone amrit will come for everyone to savor.
Today for National interest may be time has come for making an introspection of the highest order, remember Spiritual Centers are made for the Peoples, not the Peoples for them, till now that theory was manipulated by some Vested interest Peoples and they completely stand exposed now, this is good for the Country as the corrupted Peoples had made even this last temple of hope dirty . I remember some Nagaland Christians crying when there hard earned money could not be used for making Church as they thought God has not accepted there prayer, that is the real devotion and all along the critics were doubting that the Christians were directly being funded by the Western Countries that to giving money for conversion that is not so and will never be as no body can brainwash an educated Persons he joins any religion after thinking thousand times; of course in case of Catholic denomination there are certain aid for making Schools, Hospital and church etc. a friend of mine made a comparative study of all religious practices and acknowledge the yeoman service of the Christian convent School for the Nations development but they are unfortunately still treated as foreign religion and many State and Central benefits are deprived to them it is sorry for the Country for this Missionaries are bringing up the best sons for the Country. It is good for our own Country, if more batch of spiritually awakened Persons comes up as they will be Nationalists to the core ,`Sacha Desh bhakti,’ from whatever religion they are as we should be concern with eating mango not counting its seeds; isn’t it not good for our Country were Western peoples have made best school and Colleges for us before they left; see the hypocracy and double standard of some Politicians that they criticize Convent Schools in media and tell lie that they are Christians to get there Children’s admitted in this Institutions. Woodstock,St. stephens, St. Xeviers, Presidency College, Srey- Rampur University to name a few and for your kind information many great Hindu leaders studied and graduated there like swami Vivekananda not to say about others ; therefore it is completely wrong to fear that those who will study in Christian Schools and Colleges will end up becoming a Christian and even if he becomes one what is the problem, as it is better for a Person to become a better Christian and a better Indian than to become a better Hindu but a bad Indian that is precisely what may be RSS real motto is ; never less the Hindu brothers today need our prayer supports to make an introspection of highest order what went wrong for them . It is time to decide this things by them so that they work wonder for themselves and the whole Nations. The truth is unfortunately bitter, but for National interest even though some may be angry with me, we need to work jointly in the matter of spiritual evaluation and pursuits as in this World no one is perfect; I mean sharing each others point of view as in this globalization period nothing is static, we must take the good of others as we have been brainwashed since ages to fight in the name of religion may be the Freedom Fighters were earlier compelled to use this criticism of the Christian religion as a lethal weapon to make a distinction between Foreigners and the native Indians so that the pan Indian concept develop quickly ,even Bal Gangadhar Tilaks Ganesh puja organization in mass scale during Freedom moment time can be seen as a step in those direction it was rewarding for that time, but later it made us so much emotional that we started taking them as Foreign religion for ever refusing to accept even the good thing about it as if it was also not started by one of our forefather and is our common legacy. Historically infect there may have been no religion classification in olden times, that is why the St. Thomas has said to have chose India to gospel in 50 A.D when there was no semblance of the Hinduism in the present form as the Vedic Peoples were following Veda and ParanĂ¡’s which is similar to Old Testament in many ways and welcomed him, but things seems to have changed only after attack of Mughals and the writing of Tulsidasas,` Ram charit Manas,’ to basically counter it therefore Ramayana sounds more as a Political appeal indirectly to maintain Hindu identity even at the coast of Zijya tax; today we unfortunately consider other as from Monkey origin due to our misinterpretation of Scriptures. Though earlier all the religion seems to have originated out of our common forefather, therefore all the religion is our common legacy this can be proved by similarity of the Veda and Old Testament were the reference of Ashur which was a Sanskrit name of Rakhas is referred, the referring of a name called Shiva in Old Testament of Holy Bible make us to ponder weather he was not one of our forefather, as Old Testaments have well maintained all the Chronological names of our historical forefathers; therefore all religion are our common legacy, the mark similarity between the story of saving of mankind during flood by Fish in Manu’s case of Hindu forefathers and Nua in case of Christian forefather in Old Testaments of the Holy Bible were he escaped death by sitting in a boat as per the direction of the God may have been same story which might have changed with time. Another point of similarity is making of alternative heaven by the Sukracharya in case of Hindus which resembles the tower of Jerrubabbel tried to be made by Adams sons of the Old Testaments. But may be due to lots of gap in time since our forefathers migrated all over the world after they failed to make the tower of Zerubbabel as God cursed them and they failed to understand each others language after that failed expedition and migrated every were in the World and lived in different climate may be we have become different from each other. Today we only see our differences and quarrel were as we don’t see our similarities. Thus from Gods perspective there is no issue as Foreign religion the God who is our common father treat each of us equally, we are the ones who have even Politicalised religion we are all bad and fall short of God’s graceness . In this kalyug we ourselves may be in upside down position and seeing the right Persons as wrong and wrong as right. As the People has no time to seek Gods kingdom therefore they are not understanding the real meaning may be; the famous Hindu Sadhu Ved Vyasas saying has mark similarity with what Jesus Christ did later on namely as the Sanskrit saying goes,` Asta Desu Puranesu Vyasas wachana Duyam Paropkaray Punyay Parpidanay papay,’ the meaning of which is the summery of 18 Puran is to love other is devine and to harm other greatest sin. May be the old Rishi Munis has to define the inner mental conflict of good and bad of man by telling about a drama of fight between good and bad thinking by depicting Samudramanthan which may be in fact call for atma-manthan self introspection of highest order as knowledge were with the Brahmans they must had problem explaining to the other Varnas who were illiterate and others had a hard time understanding it and took wrong interpretation of whole scriptures.
The religion has a very powerful effect on ones mind that is why the Talibans are ready to die because they have been brought up that way; therefore many great Peoples like Swami Vivekanada time and again tried to warn us indirectly by saying,` you guys want to sweep the dirt inside the carpet for a temporary moment for a short time gain,’ it seems there were more communal zealots at that time. Therefore the controversial subject as religion should be best left to God himself, as he can alone convert and use any one in whatever religion he wants to therefore the Person from whatever religion background his love for his Country man should matter for RSS.
Any one against the National interests should not be pardoned, even if they be of ones own religion or Party affiliation as the Country is more important than any body else. It was always my argument that for the national interests one day may be Congress and the BJP may have to work together as Coalition Partners at least for 5 years as there are more skeleton to be expected from the Cup-boards of the Madrasas which is suspected to support the subversive activities and need to be modernize immediately to stop germination of terrorists. May be the BJP’s vote Bank in the form of pro- Hindu feelings might have made the Congress to tilt towards Muslims knowingly or unknowingly or out of compulsion and as opposition Parties they are compelled to criticize each other for the shake of opposition which is very bad . As the army rule in the Country is a remote dream ,therefore let us hope that this theory is also given a chance for greater interest of the Country one day however for it RSS , Congress Seva Dal, all religion Institution including the Good Muslims etc . must come together and do the spade work so that it become a reality for national interest. As the BJP is also not expected to do much in the coming election due to last time mistake like- Uttar Pradesh C.D scam, kabutar scam, Gujrats Fake Encounter and latest IBN-7 disclosure etc. involving powerful Sadhus. In any case for RSS which is a no non sense party specially when it comes to a national interest , it is good to hear about them that Nationalists who ever comes to power they will support in spite of there caste and religion affiliation. Hope in the case of the hung Parliament Medam Soniaji and BJP stalwarts will show there magnamity by doing the impossible for the greater interests of the Country by accepting five years coalition partnership for removing all evils of the Country. Today with the change scenario which is effect of globalization a time has come to make a serious thinking of future Political scenario were Persons like Mayawati has not only upsite down the whole Political equations but also come as a direct threat to age old Gandhi family and Manu wadi which is source of pro- Hindu Parties.