Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Biharis of North East

They try to look North Eastern, try to speak there language but end up being funny they are North east Biharis.Though the spectacular achievement of Bihar in UPSC has time and again shown beyond doubt that they are second to non but it seems it is only Society were most of the prodigal sons of the soil want to run away and settle down in Delhi after marrying beautiful Panjabi Girls, but now with the election of no non-sense person like Nitishji as the C.M the Biharis seems to gain a lot this time as the elites played a pro-active role in his election. The contribution of the Biharis in North East economic growth cannot be gain said, though some People are bit uncomfortable with there way of dress, there carelessness for health and hygiene, lousy Kirtans and open edifice but they also are poor mans of India who have failed to change much since Vedic era and as such in a way like us only, who have also failed to develop as we have not developed as much as Japanese and Chinese our rich Mongolian brothers, but if our common nature and similarity is used as a basis for our unification we can enhance our relationship to a great extent and jointly prosper .But they need to make some improvement in the field of safety in Train Journey and stern action against those raggers who resorts to cruel raging against the outsiders that prompt anti Bihar mindset in all over the world as the other country fellows who have opened there Society to new developments find them very irritating.
The good part of the North East specially Arunachal Pradesh is that the Biharis have contributed lots to the Business growth and Biharis are learning to know North East Peoples Psyche also due to marriage relationships and there understanding of the local language and food and culture due to prolong stay but-,` Yeh Raste Hain Pyar Ke chalna Hain hame Sambal sambalke’.The Bihari contribution is also needed more by the N.E Peoples but they also need to understand more the North east mindset; though they are also trying there best to cope up with the new environments specially the young generation of Biharis who have born there are talking and dressing like the North east good for them after all while in Rome be a Roman. The Biharis are here to stay you like it or not but they have been also not used properly by the North east peoples; the rich and educated Biharis who are ready to adjust in the North east environments should come forward; the way elite Biharis are going places in other Countries like- Maurice’s and have become successful Cane Planters they can take lease in North East area and begin so, though the special Govt.rule since the day of the Britishers forbade them to purchase land there permanently and Inner line Permit has to be taken to go there but things are not that difficult specially if they have a good friend. The National interests demands that there is a strong immigration law and in absence of that Checking refugee growth by Restricted Area permit are good for Country or one day our Country will be filled with the Bangladeshi refugees. The Business Partnership experience will help them to later go international as today in this globalization period global partnership in Business is going to be common features. The good part is there is various type of scope in places like Arunachal Pradesh were cold products like-apple, Kiwi,Acroad, Vanilla as well as Hot products like mangoes ,sugar cane, rice etc can grow. The good part of the North East region is it has lots of scope for the Organic Crop which is in great many demand in International markets; as the global warming effect may leave our Indian land without water at all one day and the ever increasing demand of the food grain now will make it imperative that the fertile land in other places are also used so that our Countries future are secured therefore Partnership with Biharis are indispensable for North east Peoples but for that Biharis has to respect the mindset of the North East Peoples and adjust with them after all it is survival of the fittest. Another thing they got to improve upon is not confine to there own Community and see North East States as only ground for making money. The recent Bihari massacre in Assam is unfortunate it may be due to high level politics because isn’t it surprising that whenever there is talk of putting President rule in non congress-I ruled Persons there is violence in this Congress bastion. Who knows Biharis might have our Arunachalee forefathers D.N.A with them after all Sri Krishna a Bihari himself is said to have married Rukmini the ruins of Malinithan in Likabali is believed to be symbolizing the place of kidnapping. Today interested investors may contact Arunachal Bhavan Chandmari Opposite Commerce College Gauhati from were they have to apply for temporary Innerline Permit for 7 days for this 2 Photo, I .D. Proof and Permanent Resident Proof will be needed within 7 days they can apply the Deputy Commissioner to extend there stay there, the writer may be contacted for any consultation in

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