Saturday, May 5, 2007

Alternative to the Insurgency in North east

The time has come to search an alternative way for the vexed insurgency problem of the North east as the Intellectuals cannot be mute spectators any more as the precious time is passing by without ourselves repaying anything to values for which our Lord and savior Christ Jesus sacrificed his life. And mind it, for it the locals of the region specially the Intellectuals and Spiritual Centres must come forward as they can only bulldoze a way out or innocent blood will be on our head in the Day of Judgment. I credit the Naga Hoho , Church Union and Mothers Union etc. to great many extent for the peace so far in the region of Nagaland and North East. They must play more pro-active role as they can only deliver as the Centre more engrossed in its gigantic problems could not expect to do much. The time has come for national reconciliation as the Lord himself has said give to Caesar what belong to him and to God what belong to God. Today the Countries leaders are also genuinely seen to truly repent there faults ,there failure in mishandling the issues. Today the local themselves has to come forward for development and like the Mao Wadi playing pro active role in Nepal, the brothers in arm must do something for the Society in true sense of terms. The way the famous Runie I,e- the guru of the Samurai fighters of Japan Taizo Sukumata started a most famous Company Mitsubishi and opened the Pandora’s door of opportunity for the Japan ,this was after he seeing the futility of the death and destruction of war for blindly fighting in the name of Emperor Hirohito as the Young Japanese at that time committed Hara-kiri suicide by becoming Kamikaze pilot. As the Japanese fear and respected the Samurais, therefore Managing Director Mitsubishi Taizo Sukumata become the idle leaders for the confused Japanese masses who has seen the worthlessness of being the cannon fodder for high level Politics and for which the only way was a strong leadership who can imbibe high sense of discipline; As the North East States are also going through a transition period like this the brothers in arms are expected to take an initiative in this line like Japan. As due to common resembles we stood to gain much in the field of Business as the Unemployment and Social Justice is the greatest challenges in our region and for removing that the big brothers if they have any love for there own poor brothers must come over ground; they must face the ground reality and search a way out beneficial to everybody. We desperately need Peoples like Nehemiah in the Holy Bible to re- make the wall of his motherland. The battle is ready but the victory belong to God and victory we shall have as God loves repented soul. Therefore Japanese experiment is an ideal approach; to make or break the Country the power ultimately lies with God alone as for example who had thought that one day Soviet Union will disintegrate therefore high level Political dreams may be best left to the God who alone knows our need and gives everything in right time. So if God desires we may get freedom as freely as we never hoped, therefore we must stop acting as de-facto God as we are Christians whom peoples are looking up to; we must make a reconciliary approach as today the Country has also regretted for many of its past misdeed. The Christian religion practice and Nagaland stands to gain much if they remove the cultural and human barriers as a new resurgent Nagas and Assamese well versed in Hindi language and a Business interest with mainstream India will do much for himself, religion he believes and the country .
The graceness of God is evident in Peaceful reconciliation of the Mizo problem and similarly the Peace Negotiation with NSCN in Nagaland; the impossible is only possible because of the will of the Supreme God as in some other place there is absolute no chance that there will be ever peace as they have no common platform like Church; though some stray incidents are inabitable as in transition period there was even bloody war among Aryans and civil war in America also; so in fact the Christianity can be attributed withexpediating that transition period towards peace, prosperity and hope. The small States around Nagaland is looking towards it with great expectations as so far Nagaland has rightfully played the big brother’s role, they are accepted to continue to do the same in future, hope this prayer to God will help in bringing lasting peace to whole region.

The writer considers Nagaland as spiritual mother and acknowledge the CBCNI contribution to GBCC during mission Partnership till Silver Jublee Celebration.

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