Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akal

The Sikh spiritual mantra has so far motivated them to be the one of the most successful Peoples in India as they are very hard working and also enjoy there life, like Westerners they seems to knows how to enjoy the life need not to say why they are so popular even in Foreign Countries; but they had there share of pain during partition when one fine day they were suddenly uprooted from there native place there pain could be understood if you read nobles like Dominic Leppiers – freedom at Midnight, or see movies like Pinjar. my rent owner in Autrum line said that they had to virtually come naked in Delhi during partition but the pain has become boon in disguise as well as they were settled in posh Delhi. The Sikh are bindas lots they are always ready to do bhangra when they are happy, therefore they seems to be very deep rooted and give value to there traditional past and why not they have a long traditional roots from the day of Guru Govind Singh and Guru Nanak there spiritual Guru from were they have imbibed there never say die attitude at the time when Zijya tax were imposed by Mughals they were the only ones kept there nerve cool and stood against injustice though Mughals were ready to give them complete autonomy if they surrender.
Murder, a Sardarji is barely expected to commit unless it is in war, only a Person who does not know there past history will doubt them . But there was never an any iota of doubt against them by us, as they are definitely class apart. From the day one my conviction is so strong in them that I have even doubted an indictment of a Sardarji in Nithari incidents though the incident there have highly shocked my conscience and the main accuse should be killed slowly and slowly so that he be an example to all the Maniacs the hanging will be to less for him . The innocent Sardarji our Pandherji who may have utmost a hand in pampering the servant which is a Panjabi character to trust easily will as a Sardarji will never fell to such an extent ; he must be left immediately in view of even the CBI giving clean chit against him.The contribution of Panjabis can be never doubted, the number of sacrifice they have made for the country in battlefield is really praiseworthy. Today a war of different kind has to be once again fought for the country as the Country is seeing unprecedentent calamity in terms of poor harvest due to effect of global warming as the rainfall is so unpredictable sometime- sometimes no rain at all and some times excessive rain and in the world of search for the Organic food our all land in fertile place like Panjab have become useless and contaminated with fertilizers and pesticides due to total dependence in fertilizers due to urge for immediate need and not using cowdang and green manure etc. And for ever-increasing demand for organic food which only the hard working farmers of Punjab can deliver and the present Central Governments steps to exploit the virgin land of place like Arunachal Pradesh were there is no dearth of land and perennial source of water it is hopped that the successful NRI’s of Panjabs in particular and others in general will think of investment seriously in this field in those areas as today big companies are also opening retail shop of organic food even in our Country. I am muting to start a Society called friends of Sardarji which is committed to keep friendly relationship with the brave hearts of the country and help them if they will like to invest in Arunachal which has lately become Tourist destination for the Western peoples and along the line were there is lots of scope for publicity of the enterprise which will work there for the production of Organic food. It is high time that mother India must be united in true spirit and sense sharing each others resources and capabilities. The point is we have land and you have muscle and money than why wait for a minute let us today fight against our No.1 enemy I,e- Poverty our enemy are no more Britishers but hunger and the Sardarji the born warriors are expected to yet wage one holy war for the Country.The good part of Arunachal is, it is filled with outside religion Peoples in Indian armies and Business sectors and they have no insecurity problem as the land is free from insurgency, the locals know there language and there religion sentiments as it is a liberal society and many locals have married to outsiders therefore there is absolute security for huge investment.
The outsiders will get all the possible support from the well, for further information for the serious investors the writer is always available in his E-mail in and the interested Person can also consult DRC Old Arunachal Bhavan Chanakyapuri New Delhi or D.R.C Arunachal Bhavan near Commerce College Gauhati, Assam.

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