Saturday, May 5, 2007

Main Bolyo

There is something to be appreciated about Jats they are the ones who give a damn to anybody when it matter most, the Country also needs a son of the soil like them as well, remember Sunny Deol pulling out the Tube wells in the front of the frightened Pakistani in movie called Gadar one of the many Sunnies Pak bashing series. The series of Pak bashing movies finished off the moral of the Pakistani soldiers and had scantling effect on them like the Sylvastor Stallone helped in disintegration of the soviet Union by his blockbuster movies like Rambo and First Blood etc. This was the time remember when the film actors shied to do movie against Pakistan as they were always apprehensive of D.Company; but this Jat Puttar who represents and resembles most of the jats was never to be cowed down the Country has a genuine Hero who deserve to be given Paramvir Chakra for his contribution to the Indian army of the screen for moving up there moral.
In many way the Arunachal Peoples are like jats as they are also very honest and little rough with there tongue. They can work together in great many ways for mutual benefits, the common interest between them can be in Tourism sector as recently the Virgin Arunachal Pradesh has become the most cherished Tourist destination; specially the Foreigners are dying to go there at any cost to see the land of mysteries; therefore the Tour Operators can play a major role in this regard as the Jats have a natural fairness for such field as they are born natural guide. Other field can be an investment in Organic farming which are in great demand in today’s time in our Country and abroad. The good part of Arunachal is there is abundant land, green manure and perennial source of water as today due to global warming it is doubtful that one day all water reservoir will be exhausted therefore sooner the better to grave this opportunity as Time and tide wait for non the specialty of the Arunachal Pradesh is it has various types of climate so ranging from apple even mango can be grown there as recently it is seen the price of Chilly has gown up in the market in Delhi though it is found in ample that too very chiefly in our state other field of interest may be Cane, Bambo and Groom etc. Though the Restricted area Permit etc. and no right of possessing land in Arunachal will be bit disturbing to the investors initially as for national interest to check the spread of refugee the Govt. of India was compel to continue this the one started by Britishers; but in this globalization period it will worth taking this risk to invest in place like Arunachal to learn the lessons as today it is the day of cogloromaration and Joint global Partnership. The interested Person can be in touch with me in can also consult D.R.C Old BuildingArunachal Bhavan Chanakyapuri Delhi which will go out of the way to help the guests.

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