Saturday, May 5, 2007

Freedom at Broad Light

The story of the Freedom moment in Arunachal Pradesh is very interesting which is comparable to the story we read in our School or college syllabus long time back namely,` How the quick India movement come to alipore.’were the Gandhiwadis though failed to ignite the public outcry against the British in Alipoor but only for the rumor started by the rumor mongers that the Collector was giving them Dog Biscuits with Tea that did the trick. The story of the Moji Riba and Moje Riba and late kargo Basar my Grand father’s brother were more or less like same condition but the difference was earlier the local leaders didn’t want Independence as they fear to loss there vintage position as the British had pampered them to a great extent. To there greatest anguish the three friends were first to unruffled the Congress flag in Dipa Village of Arunachal Pradesh in the West Siang District near Dibrugarh.The three friends were arrested for this dare debility of whom specially late Kargo Basar who was inhumanly treated due to local Politics . The three friends were always frequenting the Sadia which was the old settlement area of British before it was wiped out by Brahmaputra . They meet the Congress activities like Lalit Hajarika who was perhaps advocate in Dibrugarh , at that time all the Congress were very jealous of doing something for the Countries Freedom Struggle therefore the three friends who could speak Assamese to some extends were of special interest to them. And they were wowed to fight against the British . Before death grand father Late Kargo Basar acknowledge that even the letter written in Assames were send to them from across the Brahmaputra river from Dibrugarh via Pigeons to Dipa this Official correspondence later paved the way for awarding of Tamrapatra to late Moji and Moje Riba whereas my father and his Cousins brother failed to realize its importance and bury all the documents with the grand fathers body only standing ovation to the man has been a School in the name of Kargo Basar Brightened School in West Siang District Arunachal Pradesh Basar which is noted for good academy.
The local Zamadars and P.I. were jealous of the flag hoisting by the three musketeers’ they were well aware that if there was Independence than they will be no where therefore so much persecutions were mated upon them specially to my grandfather there clan relationship were not even considered . In case of late Kargo Basar his health was never same again and he died soon after. The man before his death was asked by his friends late Moji and Moj Riba to similarly claim the same Tamrapatra which he refused to take by saying that he never did it for any gain as such he remained unsung hero. The incident helped in a great way for the discovery of NEFA in true sense of terms.

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