Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Patriots

There are few great Peoples who have unknowingly done great things for the Humanity by there courage and there immortal love. Those great souls who have been never given there due recognisation for example ,I give the credit for changing relation with Pakistan to the film star Sunny Deol the prodigal son of Dharmendraji to a great extent who mesmerized Pakistani Peoples with his shear dare debility in Pak bashing film series . At a time when the other film colleagues were afraid of doing film against Pakistan as the D. Company is remote controlling the Bollywood it is doubted, the jat Puttar destroy the morals of Pakistan by doing film like Gaddar were the scenes like pulling out the Tube well hand pump single handedly must have given a sleeplessness night to the ISI and this gave India an edge in the Psychological warfare though this was not part of RAW’s think tank’s. The way Desintrigation of Soviet Union credit can be attributed to Sylvester Stallone the Hollywood hero who was not afraid of KGB warning so one need to be real Hero than an artificial Hero which is not that easy. Therefore this article is dedicated to few great mans who silently contributed to the peace and tranquility of the India to a great extent.
Today there is news of so much insurgency in North East India but things would have been more dangerous if there were not some silence heroes who diluted most of the bitterness of anti Indian feelings as some earlier Armies created the mess of a already volatile situation by rapping , molesting and resorting to fake encounter against the innocent civilians the earlier batch of the foolish and uneducated officers filled with unwanted emotion for newly Independent country who at that time over frustrated at the lost in the hands of Chinese aggression in 1962 seems to have bent there frustration on poor North east peoples, the fools who thought all the Mongoloid looking Peoples were Chinese. But there were some white Sheep among the black Sheep as well; I am saying about Col. Som Prakash Anand who married Mrs. Tutu Rasino of the Nagaland, story is story of challenges and endless love amidst the backdrop of anti Indian feeling at its zenith for which the centre was also responsible for failing to understand the Naga ethos but poor knowledge about the North East places at that time might have also been a limitation for the Govt. as barring NEFA which came to limelight due to drawing of Mack Mohan boundary line and later 1962 war other place remain virtually unknown; this is the year 1965 the NNC has just been formed under the Leadership of legendry Phizo in Nagaland and the Govt. of India wanted to remove him from the power by hook or crook . The 3rd Assam rifles in Kohima received a young Captain Som prakash Anand who was very good person very mild and smiling always sensitive to Tribal Peoples custom and traditions unlike other Army man. Once in a function at Army mess the than Governor of Nagaland wanted to invite the Phizo’s family. The party changed his life for ever he saw very beautiful Miss. Tutu Rasino it was love at first sight . The more the meeting started the NNC got furious, as anti Indian feeling were at its zenith at that time and may be also because there was perhaps no matrimonial relationship with the Plain India Peoples by than ; the young Naga lady was punished for trying to merry the enemy soldier, she was taken to jungle for 16 months which failed to remove her love for that Panjabi Puttar. Today when they look back to there life they don’t regret, historically they may be the first couples who married from such a different cultures one mongoloid and other an Aryan nevertheless there marriage is most significant in a way that they paved the way for future unification of the Nation ;though they went through untold misery for they were virtually exterminated from there community for such a shocking act but they don’t regret, for love was more than gold and silver for them it was love across the cross culture .God gave them a beautiful daughter in the shape of Sarina Anand who is right now going places and a pride for her Parents and friends. it took long time for the young Naga peoples to realize the importance of having a relative married in plain, it latter pave the way for other Naga and North East Girls to merry in the plains and instead this has helped for the cause of Naga movement as well as today there is a strong lobby for Naga cause as is reflected by the recent Peace truce which has lots of support of Naga lobby from whole India, today the success mantra is if one wants to talk to other Person he must know his language this meeting of civilization also helped the cause for the extension of Gods message of love and forgiveness which is the best thing that happened to the North East Peoples through Christian Preaching and this important message was needed to be shared to others but were yet to be propagated beyond Nagaland in true sense of term due to language and cultural barriers . Madam Tutu Rasino who is a famous Socialist should be made good use by the Govt. due to her North East connection and influence over whole North east as she could be of immense help for National reconciliation. There family bank on prayer support , mercy and graceness of the God.
Sincerely Yours,
Adv. Togo Basar
( A family friend )

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PACO said...

I have known the Anands for two decades, and have loved every moment that I have spent with them. I could write a dissertation on their good-heartedness!