Thursday, May 31, 2007

Arunachal Pradesh the Paradise of the East

The God lives where there are honest and lovely Peoples and Arunachal Pradesh which is located in the North east part of the India is blessed something more than it, for it has been gifted with most beautiful and enchanting place in the World as it is located in place bounded by snow clad mountains around it and beautiful culture and tradition which reminds us of what great William Wordsworth said - `A thing of beauty is a joy for ever,’The best part of the Arunachal Pradesh is, it is the most peaceful place in the Country. If you see the place called Mechuka just one day drive above Basar than you will realize that if there is a heaven in the World it is here and no where . The place worth visiting in Arunachal is for basically two reasons one for scenic beauty and other to see its unique culture and tradition , if one wants to enjoy both at the same time it is better to move towards Basar touching the Mopin Festival on April 5th to 8th in Basar and than moving towards Mechuka, or visit the Mechuka during Lossar touching Basar to have the glimpse of most beautiful and enchanting place in the world or go in winter to see snow fall and if lucky one can see the Unique Galo marriage in winter but summer is no less beautiful as the Mechuka Valley is filled with flowers and Deodarants by than. To go to this place one can go via air and land ; for air one has to travel from Gauhati to Itanagar in Pawan Hans which takes about 2 Hrs. or from Gauhati to Mohanbari airport in Indian Air Lines which goes twice a week this takes about 1 Hrs. this facility can be also availed from Calcutta to Mohanbari which also goes twice a week this is a 2 Hrs journey, from Mohanbari one has to take land root from Mohanbari to Basar which is about 150km and has to cross beautiful town of Tinsukia and Dibrugarh were one can see lots of Tea Garden than he has to cross mighty Brahmaputra in a mind bogling Boat riding which is very beautiful experience before reaching Silapathar the Boghi Bridge after its full construction will make the travel more easy over Brahmaputra river on the way to Basar from Dibrugarh side, after crossing Brahmaputra one pass through Silapathar and reaches Likabali were the Temple of Malinithan can be seen this is were it is said that Lord Sri Krishna kidnapped Rukmini, than one can go towards Basar which is about 90 km from Likabali .And the other land root is from Gauhati to Itanagar were one night bus journey towards Itanagar Bus ticket can be also availed from paltan Bazar of Gauhati this is 7 Hrs. journey, but before that it is advisable that the necessary documents are made by Tourists specially for the foreigners and Western peoples before hand for it thay have to contact Indian Embessy in there respective Countries or Ministry of Tourism Govt. of India directly or Contact Resident Commissioner Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh Kautalya Marg Chanakya Puri Opposite Samrat Hotel New Delhi India and send his Photo Copy of the Visa and Passport in the Fax No.23013786 were he will be given 7 days temporary permit which can be extent by the Deputy Commissioner of the District; and for the local Indians innerline permit can be availed from same Delhi address for which 2 photo, I.D proof, ration card or any permanent address document Xerox copy will be needed. They can also get it from Arunachal Bhavan Chandmari Opposite Commerce College Gauhati Assam were they will be given 7 days permission extendable by Deputy Commissioner. This necessary works can be done by the Tour Operators were the tourists are traveling with; though procedures hears to be difficult but it is nothing in comparison to price you pay for going to a virgin place.
The best reason for visiting Arunachal is unlike other place it is the most peaceful place in the world and it is the most beautiful, Environment friendly place and as selected Tourists are only allowed inside so place has retain its beauty and surprises and unlike the popular belief of Law and Order problem in North east , there is in fact no risk while passing through the Assam for arunachal pradesh as there is no insurgency in this roots and in any case the violence has subside to a great extent and present Govt. is seen to give a better security protection in Bandh calls. Therefore even the rich Peoples from Assam States are preferring to go to Arunachal Pradesh for spending there vacation as there is abundant scope for visitors in Basar and Mechuka were the tour operators like -Blow Horn Travels and Giddon are operating in this field. The tourists can stay in Circuit House and I.B which has to be applied to the S.D.O Basar and A.D.C office Mechuka at any time and there is also local Hotels.So next time if you want to visit the most environment friendly place in the world then visit Arunachal Pradesh for those who have interest for adventure sports they can take the same root and visit the Siang river Rafting expedition were you will get the thrill of your life. If you want more information than contact or


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