Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Refugee Problem in Arunachal Pradesh

When it come to refugee problem in Arunachal Pradesh there is near unanimity irrespective of religion or any class background that there should be no refugee it is natural as even the Budhist Country will never tolerate a outside refugee influx; so much to the extent that even some Youths are also ready to resort to violence, however the time has also come to find a way out from this stalemate as we cannot let this issue getting Political colors were the Leaders will be seen to make the Youth as cannon fodders in the alter of there Political ambition. Today the thing Arunachal need most is investment, thus there must be a Communal harmony and the outsiders should be used the way some Tibetans and Deories are contributing positively to our Society as they are seen to oblige to India for the hospitable treatment they were given and are ready to shift the day there is a truce between His Highness and Chinese Govt.The natives of the Bomdilla and Tawang barring the Nepalis settled in Tenga Velley areas are integral part of the Arunachal Pradesh as even if there forfathers were Tibettians they have come to India with a precious land however this cannot be said same of the recently arrived Tibbetians who are still loyal to His Highness Dalai Lama only and his views. The Chakmas and Hajongs must realize the futility of staying in Arunachal Pradesh as it will be like waiting for Go dot, as the Supreme Court has not categorically given a judgment in there favor in case of wanting to settle in Arunachal Pradesh as even if the corporate house are against so much power given to the tribal Peoples S.C will never remove the Assam Frontier Act for strategic national interest and Bengal Act inside it which forbade even the Indians other than the Arunachalees to purchase land in Arunachal Pradesh and settle there cine die and thus by there hacking up of this issue time and again, they might lost there valuable chance of gradually integrate with the Indian masses as they could still well settle outside Arunachal Pradesh were they were originally shown land as today the judicial activism has reached such an extent that in case of review petition S.C may give a landmark judgment though from Humanitarian point of view we have lots of sympathy for the Chakma and Hajongs who even if were Christian or Doni-Poloist would have been not tolerated not at least now when it is a big issue however nothing can be said about future when it may cease to be an issue also as today many controversial things have been decided by referendum .Therefore it will be best for them if they move to greener pasture like Assam etc. were probably they will ultimately better chance of victory upon this issue if they longed for a permanent place and as they have been originally rehabilitee in Bihar I suppose they should not face any legal problem, it is surprising why they even migrated from Lord Buddha’s place I,e- Bihar were they were rehabilated ; they cannot now bent there frustration of there ill treatment by Bangladeshis on a good host which is bearing them all this days, there own leader is to be blamed for accepting Pakistan instead of India they should have voted for India in day one may be they had also story to say but unless a blood is shed history doesn’t recognize it ; however on Humanitarian ground it is also time for India to fight for the cause of Chakmas and Hajongs right in Banagladesh those who want to go back there; the way it has successfully rehabilate the Indians driven out by Idi Amin in Uganda..Because the country already fed uf of Bangladeshi infiltrators cannot afford to permanently accept the Chakmas and Hajongs now that there is a near unanimity between all the Political Parties above the religion and class that there should be a strong immigration laws or the Country will be no were as today every Indian City is feeling the pinch of the attack of the Bangladeshis speaking funny languages in there Kasvas and Mohallas to stop it Chakma and Hajong must be refused that is common perception of the Nationalists who think for national interests, if we conceal there demand of settling them in Arunachal Pradesh than we will be compelled to do so to others as well as tribal innerline permit system is defending the Nation for sometime from avalanche of refugees . In this aspects even Buddhist C.M is also not expected to do much as this are policy matter of national interest and he also desperately need others supports who are completely aversed to this concept , unless of course there is a national referendum the status quo may be probably maintained as for now.
But till than it will be also in our state interest that we keep human relationship with them and work for each others benefit. Let us be practical, that is the best way for both of us in this transition period is cooperation and Business partnership as Arunachal is a land locked place and lack in Business opportunity so we might have to work together as we cannot throw them also kudos to our previous Leaders and by the way who was appointed as the Govt. Advocate earlier to represent the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh case it is doubtful weather also know there name.
In that matter present C.M. who is a Buddhist himself can play a major role in this reconciliation and mediation as they need to be made absolutely useful for State economy till when they are here and move to greener pastures were there are more economic potentialities for them or someday due to globalization and cultural exchange a new scenario comes up acceptable to Gods plan . I will also like the Youths to refrain from undue violence as Chakmas and Hajongs who are Buddhist Peoples are peaceful Peoples and we can gain lot by having partnership with them as they have a strong lobby from outside country as well. Let us be rational today the ground reality is those same student leaders who have once risen anti refugee slogans has today filled there shopping complex with alleged Tibetans and suspicious Peoples . This is the state of art but it is today’s need as well as they have a Business culture which is need of today’s time. Besides local officers who are self centric to the core who have even surreptiously alleged to have given S.T Certificates to the Chakma and Hajongs do we have any other alternative way therefore its high time we must come of age before some take advantage of this situation ; I am personally expecting some rich refugees to invest and work with us in joint partnership ventures which will be of mutual benefit to all of us and make our State a prosperous place give a damn about them I am ready for such Partnership even with devil for the State interst . The Chakma Leaders should have adopted Tibetan mode of getting sympathy for there free Tibet movement by waging Political war against Bangladesh by agitating for Free Chakma and Hajong land in Bangladesh as the State , National and International Communities also views refugee sympathetically and might have help them; the present leadership are also helpless to deal with this issue they are at least better than the earlier in the way that some of the previous leaders have become more bigger than the issues and dupe both the parties, but it is time to say spade a spade as truth hurts initially but is good in long run and present Leadership is expected to be brutally honest in this matter as today People has become very mature and observe the performance of the Government there legal representatives in High Court and Supreme Court, therefore the other part should play cool trieng to build the relationship inch by inch instead of directly sticking to the Citizenship demand issue which will have an adverse effect on themselves as you like it or not others are in vintage position atleast for now need not to say while in Rome be a Roman.


davidchakma said...

It is nice to read your article on the Chakmas and Hajongs issues in Arunachal Pradesh. I regularly follow your blogs,thinking of how the educated Arunachalees think on the contiguous issues.This is the first time I ‘m hearing your opinion.
But I have read some misinformation from your side. First , you said that Chakmas opted for Pakistan during the partition time, which is wrong . The Chakmas wanted to merge with the Indian states. They even hoisted the Indian national flag in Rangamati, Chittagong Hill tract as soon as India was declared Independence. Sensing the danger by the Pakistani authorities , they started atrocities toward the chakmas. Before publishing you opinion , please try to understand the back ground behind the migration of Chakmas to AP. They didn’t came to AP willingly , they were in fact brought by the Indian authorities and settled them in the states as it was less densely populated at that time. But they could not sense that there will be problem latter on. So , whose mistake is this?
As you said that there should be good relationship between the locals and the Chakmas and hajongs, which will help in the overall development of the state. Also your pledge to youth to refrain from violence , which I didn’t expected as earlier the AAPSU leaders threaten to go violence if the Chakmas and Hajong were not ousted from the states. As you have yourself said that the same people had filled there shopping complex with Tibetans and suspicious people. Then why this double standard?
Do you know that in 2002, the State government of Arunachal Pradesh granted citizenship to the 90 odd Tibetan families of Shyo village living in Tawang district bordering China. The Tibetans had fled to Arunachal Pradesh in 1960s. Also they were granted ST status to them . The Chakmas were also settled in 1960s , then why they are still living as refugees? Without any facilities to education ,health care , etc? This much is the double standard ness of the AP government.
As you said that the Chakmas should stop rising the Citizenship issue time and again as they are at danger of being thrown out of the country as it happens recently with some Bangladeshis . But to my surprise , being a Public Prosecutor , you are ill informed . The case of the Chakmas and those Bangladeshis are totally different. As the Chakmas were settled in the states in 1964 and those Bangladeshis were illegal immigrants. The Chakmas came to AP with the help of Indian govt. Also do you know that the Supreme Court of India has a verdict in favour of granting of Citizenship to the Chakmas in 1996? And the AP govt. always bring out excuses for not implementing the Court order.
The latest being the special Electoral Revision for the inclusion of Chakmas and hajongs in the electoral list for 2007. It gave the excuse to the EC that the revision can not be carried out due to security problems. But at the same time the ex- chief minister Gegong Apang had ask for peace bonus from the centre for the State. Don’t you think it is a double standard?
You also mention that the rich people from these communities should invest in the state for the benefits of both the locals and them. Do you know that the AP government had stop giving trading license to the Chakmas and hajongs ? Those license which were issued earlier also had been confiscated. Is this how the AP government expect to bring investment from rich people of the chakmas. Is this justice?
The stopping of health care, education , drinking water facilities to the Chakmas and Hajongs were against one’s basic human rights, which the AP govt. had done to the Chakmas till date. You can read relate article about those injustice from . I am also a victim of those injustice. Due to which I had to leave AP to pursue education outside the state. But , still I feel that I am a Arunachalee , since I am born in Arunachal and I feel very sad when something unfortunate happens in Arunachal

bodhi said...

Dear David
The state government should know that every human has the right to fight for their freedom.We might aware them the rule and constitution of India are made for all the citizen of India. we are the citizen of India by Birth.They shouldn't deprive us from our right of living,right of expression, right of freedom etc. They are excercising illegal,tryant activities over our communities. we need cooperation with all the local groups. we are not enemy. we want to live peacefully and bring peace and prosperity in our country. we are your friend.

Anonymous said...

Very well commented by David, but what he forgot to mention is that the settlement of Chakmas and Hajongs was only a temporary measure. No final solution was reached at. So, in simple words you guys were not welcomed by us, rather you were imposed on us. As is normal, whenever things like this happen, it is natural that animosity is created as there is competition for livelihood, employment, etc. Moreover this animosity was further heightened by the demographic changes taking place, which saw the Chakmas and Hajongs outnumbering the local population. Thus the root cause of the problem. Another problem is that even if you guys are given citizenship, you would still want ST status, and that would be something alien as you are not a tribe from Arunachal. Moreover, you would take a chunk of the ST reservations. Thus bringing the whole ST community in India into the picture. I know that this will be painful but, the Central Government should think of repopulating the Chakmas and Hajongs outside the state and allover the country. The reduction would decrease the threat perception of the common people and maybe a temporary solution can be reached at. The bootom line is that we are also a backward state which is fighting for its own survival, and donot possess abundant resources to share with all and everyone. The vexed issue of Chakma and Hajongs is a grave injustice done to the local people of Arunachal infact.