Thursday, March 31, 2011


                                                                 The Nationalism of the North east publics can never be challenged ; as we have accepted it as our faith accomplished that it is best if we stay in India ; as we have eaten countries roti and daal thora hi sahi . Also there is so much scope for us to excel here as so much agile ground for our mission field for the faith we believe in  . In transition period their may have been some misunderstanding but in compare to JNK we have a much better past .The misconception that the Publics in North east have a inclination towards China is completely wrong . After all today we are surviving due to the country only , specially the fatty rich Politicians and Beurocrates do they have any reason to be unhappy ? only after passing of Lok Pal Bill it will be vise versa . The co-Mongolian gene pool have ruled India like  Mughals also descendent of Chengiz khan like us , theirfore we can compete here we should have firm belief specially after Lokpal Bill even a North Eastern may succeed in any field and rightfully claim back our glory .

                                                                                    But nevertheless we want friendship with the China , as both the Poor publics in the border want the benefit of the globalization . Sometimes feel like why not benefit from each other ; as China has excel more in the field of the transportation . And the Poor and destitute in this border areas may be taken good care of in China ; see a poor lady called Likir Tasar in Gori Complex P.O/P.S-West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh India is in her near dead bed for the kidney failure and have to make kidney dialysis each month much to the helplessness of the family member . will she not be happy if the China Govt. propose to help her ? For her politics will be secondary only help from whatever quarter will be more interested to her she can be contacted in +91-3602222490 or +91- 9436238258, unfortunately our own rich mans are not that charitable ; I at least respect the Chinese in this field that they are more responsible see what the Pakistan have done in satlaj river pouring the lethal nuclear toxic waste China is a responsible Country , they have never fallen to such an extent like Pakistan before . We should still not live in our 1962 mindset . The good fencing make a better neighbor and if the fencing is of the belief in the love that exist between two mongolian brothers  will it not be better . As one like it or not the china and India has a common destiny we have many things to learn from each other .

                                                            Few Crooks interest should not come in way of the good relation with the neighbors ; they seems to hell bent on making the America and China to fight with each other to keep their Swiss Bank account secret . Therefore whoever comes in power in the centre should take a good stock of situation . As the underground elements are also coming to the negotiable table because they are also realizing the message of the Holy Bible ; see any body can be convinced provided if proper way is applied . But for this for a greater result sometimes the National Parties like Congress and BJP should also show its magnamity like in Rajivjis time when Assam accord was signed . The political power can be also given to the regional parties after all strong federation will also make a strong nation . In the future the regional parties in NE will have to make new coalition partners after seeing other national parties response . For in each earlier election their seems to be all the logistic support from the centre to help the corrupted regime in the NE by hook and crook . Sometimes even Vellot Box seems to have been ordered to be changed for the party interest as the Election Officers seems to have been well fed .
                                                                                 Mind it one day it may lead country to a big mess after all the Country have to be content with JNK alone now . If the parties like Congress could not change itself and encourage the honest and deserving within their party ; should it not respect one time change not kind of change the rich and powerful congress man floating their own party after removal . I appeal to both BJP and Congress to be very tactful towards the NE problem more than loyalty to their senior leaders , obedience to God and family elders should be criteria for selection of good candidates after all - are Gandhi’s also not surviving by grace of God ?

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