Saturday, March 19, 2011


To me Circuit House is not the issue the real issue is who is the boss ? the students or the administrators . The Officers who are seen to be tools of the Politicians and the students who feels themselves to be the real Robin hood the fight may go on for long . But the facts seems to be lying within this two point . The absence of good opposition Party seems to have given the moral authority upon the Student leaders to be in the forefront of all the revolutionary work . Sometimes of course they exceed and similarly the IAS officers will feel themselves class above others as they seems to be groomed to think that way . Both attitude are needed also after all there is a need for check and balance in Society .
As in its absence other will be a menace for society see how some IAS Officers made thousand crores in other State . In earlier election it was so shameful in a civilized place like Galo area even the election Ballot Box seemed to be tampered with this ACR does influence the Public opinion though DC Saab may have not been directly involved . But who was responsible for this ? thus some have to definitely call spade a spade . Therefore in this context Sri Tujum poyom Gen. Secy. AAPSU’s argument that why he only is pinpoint for overstaying in circuit house is worth pondering . As he allege that their were other People close to DC himself who also overstayed and who where doing all the contract works which he wanted to find in RTI. And if it is fact than shame to Aalo Publics for their silence .
Now that it has become a big issue we need to deal everything in detail for future interest . DC Saab may have been right in his step . But henceforth those Politician and the Officers who rise fingers must also be clean themselves and not give the impression that they are willing to stay in prime post like Aalo West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh by hock or Crook. . As there is a apprehension that lots of money have been made by high ups in the issue of the Compensation to Hydropower construction.

I blame everyone even Publics as we have cumulatively failed which become evident in each election as aam admi take money rejecting the good and deserving candidates so there will be naturally side effects . Those Publics who are now blaming the students , where they also not student leaders earlier ? The Jodik Tali success seems to have sideline the ones who think they are the king makers , as the greatest gifts this young lad have is strong motivation coupled with the favorable judicial activism and media . Its not that young generation are always bad , many are really seen to be committed specially from good spiritual environment . Can we deny the need for the one to fight for justice also ? Howsoever some Publics whose land allotment are not clear may pooh pooh this allegations .
The student body if they really mean business should bring all corruption issue to a logical conclusion which is only possible if they engage in election directly or indirectly whereas in each earlier election they where also seen to be sidelining with the rich and powerful . The concern authority should not only use the media to show their point of views only . The interview of student leader Tujom Poyom seemed to be tampered with and his voice are not laudable . why there is fear in Galo belt in this modern world ? Are we more foolish even than the Arabs ? The Galos need to look back to their past glory . The RTI copy must be given to the sincere groups so what hundred tom dick and harries have been already given .If there is a problem right to the the Govt . for TA or DA for the RTI Officers . Howsoever qualified one is he should use his temper in cool after all this is already a peace loving place see how many outsiders are benefiting in business field . Officers will come and go but any communal colour may spoil our relationship for ever . The IAS Officers who are accepted to be class apart and swear by the constitution of India to do for welfare of the State should henceforth refrain from greed and lust like others or it will be case of – You too Brutus .

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Unknown said...

In the right direction Mr. Basar.I like two points first is absence of effective opposition and second unity of people in this case Galos.

Keep it up...

yogesh chourey