Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Japanese incident should be an eye opener for the mankind as time and again the Environmentalists have warned us of dire consequences but due to our greed and lust we continue to damage our Planet earth. But this is the time to prey for them with tears as they need our prayer support like never before . As today no amount of money can save their woes the situation is like destroy of Sodom Gomorrah by Gods wrath in Biblical era . A friend jocked that ultimately Japanese Peoples got effected by the curse of the excessive fish catching as they were seen to even kill big whale as in Arunachal there is a believe that the excessive hunting of any big animal and fish in particular has its own side effects .
Other friend said the super power are getting curse for always doing things for their own benefit even waging Oil wars and becoming impediment to non disclosing of the swiss bank Black money by the corrupted Persons from 3rd World countries ; this are also point to ponder as the rich and powerful nations are predicted to be hit most in this age where population is going to double and the the water going to become costly . As in Japan whatever left of the earthquake the water ensured its damage and whatever left of water now nuclear disaster ensured its devastation . The Uranium particles which never ceases to act for thousands of years may finish the 80 percent of the Japanese territory the expert believes . so it is better for the Japanese to move towards green pastures .
Japanese have been unlucky as in 2nd world war also it was devasted . A through investigation has to be made to see how the Tsunami started . In this high level political power struggle a secret underground bomb blast in the cost of the Japan cannot be also not negated after all many are envious of this world number one Business Profiteer like Banias in India.
The fact is that the Japanese territory lies in the seismic Jones and howsoever they always come back like ants they are always susceptible to future disaster and this time the countries will to live itself may be devasted . A solution can be only find out by the Asian neighbors spearheaded by India as well as china who being from same Asia region and more particularly all Mongols of common stock need to do something . Why not they can be also accommodated in Mongol countries even in place like North east and in Arunachal Pradesh of India by giving them lease for long period ; after all hard working and good business man as they are both stand to gain as this is time for the world to unite . This issue can be taken up to Japanese ambassador and I on my part is ready to do whatever I can do from my side and sooner it is better .
Meanwhile other Asia country are also need to be cautious from acid rain as the uranium particles may come to our side also , more particularly for one month from the first monsoon we need to be vigilant . May God bless the Planet earth and help us find alternate solution to Nuclear Power Plant and Mega dams where risk are also as much .

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