Tuesday, March 29, 2011


                                                           The Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh symbol declaration Party on 10th April 2011 at 10 a.m in Nikum Niya Hall Nirjuli near Naharlagun is going to be a historic occasion as it is going to be day for launching of our new Maize symbol. All the Publics are invited to bless us on this historic occasion . To make the programme more of a festival and cultural occasion all the cultural troops of the State will be invited as per our limitations . It is now nearly accepted by all the critics that regional party is the only party which is going to be party to matter most for Arunachal Pradesh in particular and North east in general ; therefore it will be privilege to see this historic occassion when the PPA's maize symbol will be opened .Also for those who like the party ideology it will be a memorable time to enlist their name in the party membership list.

                                                                                        As the Country is lately poised to change due many factors like latest being - Fast Unto death fasting challenege by Veteran social activist Anna Hazare for implementation of Jan lok Pal Bill .which is all set to clean the society and remove  corrupted leaders like sharad Pawar as within time bound high level corrupted person have to be tried .Thus PPA is going to be best bet in future if things goes according to our plan . As by next election public heat may be too much to content and money for circulation in election  may be seized like it is being done right now in Assam and Tamil Nadu . As North east NCP supremo P.A Sangmaji himself is heard of promising to start a new regional party in his hometown by next election .Therefore it will be foolish for the Arunachal leaders to follow Old ill health and corrupted central leaders and unpredictable Parties who may be soon redudant if not change according to new demand .
                                                            And if they don't rise to new occassion , they may make themselves as scape goat of congress party like always which try to devide and rule . Who knows  the the corrupted Congress Party  may show even Sharad Powers name in first list of the corrupted leaders list having money in swiss Bank , to save their own skeen.Mind it by money Congress can never be defeated ; only by Peoples support it is possible as they have made so much inroad , the good part is all the good Persons and Parties are uniting and are atleast in that line of thinking  .

                                                                  Even BJP fed up of Aya Ram gaya Ram culture of the Arunachal seniour leaders earlier are exploring PPA as the best friend in Arunachal it is heard .We the PPA workers should stick to our ideology ; As it will be fooling oneself by showing himself as psuedo-rich candidate to publics who may be against Congress and its allies in the future . After all new Political dynamics will make one with clean image atleast in monetary front to be the agile candidate , mind it NCP and TMC friends  may be incurring identity crisis among themselves if they don't take right decesion in time . As its risky to project oneself as rich as Publics will give them sleepless night and how to get it back after this Lokpal bill where officers will be seldom ready to cooperate . It may have helped earlier but not any more in the future . And some fools are precisely trying to be Kawwa Chalein Hanse Ki Chaal unaware of new developments .
                                                                                But good news is most of the TMC and NCP candidates are talking in terms of joining PPA and thats the spirit ; as for thwarting Congress we must make a united and formidable opposssition and in the platform which Arunachal publics like more . Thanks to the rising mis-apprehesion against the Congress lead UPA Party misrule by the Publics where good man from Congress Party are also supporting holy Peoples like Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare .The PPA after symbol declaration will not only make meaningful press release in state ; but try our best to fulfill our comitments . And above all Publics have trust on this Party that it have most promising future like in Sikkim where congress party have been reduced to a non entity Party.Therefore it is time for joining the Party with difference ; which is pro-poor and also leave scope for repeantance of the rich Peoples .

                                                            The regional ideology of the love for the region have taken Nagaland and Sikkim Govt. to new heights . And if the brotherly bonhomie improves between NE neighbours due to our shared past cultural and tradition and common future destination what is the harm ; after all today we are living in a global village and we have much to get from each other .
It is pertinent to mention that the Neiphorioji HCM Nagaland can be hailed as the peace maker as he have earlier been instrumental in brokering a deal between both the faction in his own home town . And our regional leader from sikkim HCM P.K .Chamlingji can be heiled as the pioneer of the North east in the field of the Bussiness enterprenership .As for the majority publics today it is not only leader with money but with the missionary geal like them that matter .
                                                                                                                As in our Tirap and Changlang Dist. Have we any other option left now ? Before blaming the outfits we have to see weather the rich congress mans , Politicians and Beurocrates where not the ones also who used them earlier .
Therefore please poor Publics wants a real solution rather than leap service therefore this PPA , NPF and SDF interaction will also do State much good I hope . Our other prodigal son of the soil Chamlingji HCM Sikkim has also shown his leadership in the field of Bussiness enterpreneurship like Tourism , hope regular interaction with them in future will help all of us .

                                                                     Hope this great occassion should be seen as a ray of hope for us who are not seeing any way out now in insurgency filled and wasteful day's without even AOP . And hope this PPA symbol declaration convetion will start the process of making the future of the North east promising for the Investment and tourism in long run to come . As the State is going to see the worst phase of transition and need to learn from the Nagaland and sikkim to evolve from it very soon .Mind it ,only democratic way like Political change through peaceful means , election , RTI and PIL is agile for expressing personal and social grievance . Therefore before many young man likes of Jodik Tali form their own outfits its better to make a introspection of highest order and give  support to them with proper political platform like PPA .

                                                                                     The political party crossing across all the party lines are expected to cooperate us in this good vision for our common good , as a great man can motivate us to make a new beginning thus in future we are looking forward to organise meeting with HCM Nagaland Mr. Neipho Rio who seems to be now more busy in Assam Election , Pawan Kumar chamlingji HCM Sikkim is also in our list to address the importance of regionalism to make Publics more possessive towards the state interest . The Arunachal Political parties should not discriminate other political entity as check and balance is imperative for social benefit ; we may have ideological difference but their should be not personal enimity as this is beauty of democracy . Those who don't toe this line are not even civilized . As we should be only concern with states welfare theirfore transperacy and introspection is must.
                                                                   Note that important is not someone becomes MLA or HCM but to see how he benefits the State , important is how he brings a change we believe in his tenure ; even if at present - we may have political differences which is not important and it should not come in front of our Human relationship in view of same geographical background and past blood relationship and above all share destinations as we are from common Indo- Burma Mongolian blood stock this should be our common thinking of all the North East brothers . As we need to make a great future for our future generation worthy of the great grand sons of Chengiz Khan and Mughals our forefathers .

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