Saturday, March 19, 2011


                                                                    The Congress must be a divided house by now rich Vs Poor , moderate Vs Extremists , the new world order have spared none . And in compare to Arab countries it is at least better or after Japanese Atomic plant accident the Congress Party office would have been completely vandalized for playing with the life’s of the People for earlier purchasing the vote of MP's for passing the Bill of International Atomic Energy Organisation that will allow the Country to make Nuclear Plants as danger as japans .

                                                       The latest Wiki leaks attack known as wiki bomb by Indian media is all set to compound the threat for congress Party . As it is exposing one after another all the evil deeds of the Congress say it the rejection of the Pranab Mukherjee as Finance Minister by the Americans or the case of the Purchasing of the votes of the RLD MP’s by the congress to save its Govt. It is pertinent to mention that the bill was passed to ratify IAEC bill as per as American Companies interests which allowed atomic plant for peaceful making of power to be aided by foreign help . Now that all the safeguards have proved to be helpless against the natural disaster it is now a tickling time bomb .
The credentials of the Wiki leaks is well established after it disclosed the black money of high and rich in German banks . The problem with the Congress is that the new moral watchdog of the World may be further infuriated by the loud threat by the Congress Party now that it has already tied up itself in india through cable of the - `The Hindu`.And everyone are seen net enjoying this days seeing the Wikileaks exposure of classified documents like picture and video of E.T.and other interesting leaks much to the discomfort of the Congress Party .
The Wiki Leaks Website channel buffs are the personal fan of Jullian Asang its owner and are also seeing the rape case leveled against him in British Court as an act of revenge by those who are effected . The crooks are also said to have haired millions of hackers to check the website before it bombard the Indian cable with the name of the Swiss Bank Black money lists . Thus there is all the reason to be apprehend of it by the Crooks who seems to have taken various Portfolio in the Congress Party and for Public like always we expect a sudden disclosure in Wiki leaks within short time .

                                                           The Congress which always seems to be banking on its American ally now may find little rest , after so many death and destruction in Japan after the leak of the Atomic Energy Plant and the new world order where media is playing a major role may make this a major issue unless ofcourse Party invites honest leaders from other Parties things are not accepted to change . And henceforth the continues Prophesy in Gods channel citing more of it may refrain the super power from supporting the corrupted 3rd World countries by being silence spectator to the black money of western ally in Swiss Bank and German bank . Today the water have gone above the neck and none of the Super Power Country will like to take the wrath of the God like Sodom Gomorrah after all by 2030 even America is predicted to be effected by water drought. The Judicial activism is also now seen to be completely siding the Baba Ramdevs views in Swiss Bank case after Burocrates like Kiran Bedi and others are seen to openly supporting Babaji .
Therefore unless the Gandhi family come openly and disown the ones who may have money in Swiss Bank the Publics may be also of the opinion that the Country may be suffering for Poor foreign policy and scams due to the blackmail by the super power Countries .Therefore Gandhi family who should not be corrupted themselves are accepted to come clean in this issues or Congress may continue to come in power but the moral of the Country will suffer .
And for those if they have really something to hide in Swiss Bank it is better to run away to other country taking Political asylum in time. The religion brotherhoodness should be not an excuse to vote for one Party or help other brother who is sinner beyond point of return . Remember Soddom and Gommorah was not only destroyed for the Idol worship but for the injustice to the Poor basically . The Baba Ramdevs mission should have been our Christian mission as we are commissioned by God to fight for the Poor and Injustice . Our real boss is Lord and Savior he is also above Party High Command so better we all mind this before playing Politics .

                                                              As we all might have already politicalised religion to sooth us , if we are saying BJP are playing Hindutva card we may be also playing indirectly ourselves the none Hindu card ; but the spiritual part mattering to our soul needs to be at least kept clean and being biased to one party we will not do any justice to ourselves who have to one day face the God in the Judgment Day how so powerful he / she is . It is easy to mislead the ordinary Christian to refrain from getting the fruit of the world by saying to forgive his enemy , but may be Biblical meaning may have been different to forgive for oneself's mistreatment but not to forgive for injustice to other poor and destitute thus time for the Christians to tell love of God to all . As by love only corruption can nbe minimise to a great extent .

                                                                   Remember today Congress parties clever and fox like attitude will have certain limitations even if the rich and powerful later make a ploy to pinnpoint Hasan ali as the scape goat in Swiss Bank Black scame by exposing him now ; it won't last as truth will always come back. tomorrow Public will question - where is Rs.300 Lakh crore Swiss bank money as allege by Baba Ramdev in compare to Rs.70000/-as suspected scam by Hasan Ali.Thus time have come for the Congress Leaders to completely come clean and refrain from earlier smart tactics as People want a change they believe in . In future deserving Leaders may only join the party when it answers all this typical questions after all their are also too many risk to contest from a ill reputed party for honest but poor candidates . For one thing though corruption has increased its exposure has also ; earlier Bhagat singh had to throw a bomb in Parliament to become famous but today likes of Baba Ramdev are fortunately born with Aztalk and Z- News . God save India .

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