Saturday, March 26, 2011


The true heir to the Publics king the young prince Yubraj of the Country in strict sense of term is Cricketer Yubraj Singh alias- Yubi ; he is truly young prince in making for a king he is the – Man of the moment ; this is no mean business to consistently make the Country win 4 match in a row in world cup ,man he is the real ideal everyone was waiting for . The underdog has proved everyone wrong ; his obesity and tantrums in the parties could not deter him when he is in the Cricket ground ; seems like media where only busy pampering sachin and Dhoni earlier . The Aryan pure blood and the robust and Lion heart of the Panjabi breed makes him the most deadly player . As his height and confidence is class above others . Honestly I had also poor opinion about him earlier for his party and merry making habit as critics thought he will end up like another Salman Khan but both showed their Dabangness in making a triumphant comeback .
And more than Dhoni and sachin he become the hit to everyone’s surprise . The Mohali semifinal may be a waterloo for the cricket lovers . As already the critics are saying if we lost we should better leave cricket for good as even in the presence of sachin if we loss what is the value ? My elder brother who is a die hard Sachin fan may not like this comment ; Hope Sachin also die a happy man after winning a world cup. And for the Manmohan Singhji it is a good move to show is boldness as senior Singh is after all the present king .As for the Prince who says that he want to win this match for special person , speculation is ripe, it for whom ? Is what many are questioning . As the bull was lately seen dating many actress. As for the coming 30th Quarter final match one thing is for sure this may make a new beginning of friendship for the Indo- Pakistan relationship specially if General Kianni turns up and the Bazigar Prime Minister Manmohan Singhji make a secret bet with him to solve all the outstanding demand of the India if country wins . The way Russian KGB won the jet engine from English tycoon in a chess match. The Cricket obsessed Mohali Publics who are accustomed to see passing parade between the Indian and the Pakistan army in nearby wagha border ; their emotion should be difficult to control , after all Sardarji like sunny Deol can pull up hand pump with bare hand. May God bless India and save Pakistan and make this game a true friendship festival as the emotion positively ventiliate may stop many of the Young Pakistanis to join Terrorism.

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