Monday, April 4, 2011


                                                                                             Though the opinion poll is predicting of joint victory by the AGP and BJP but both the post election preconceived alliance partners should be extra cautious , as the Congress are good at deceptions . In this context our advance proposed North East Democratic Front meeting in New Delhi have come in handy . At least as it has helped AGP in curtailing the hand of the NCP supreme P.A Sangma to much extent , who could have spoiled the show. Time for Sangmaji also to realize that health is more important and to keep his promise accepted of a seniour leader .
I still appeal to the BJP and the AGP to make a secret understanding as too my little knowledge the BJP should have strong presence in Urban Town areas in Assam as there are lots of Hindu traders ; their fore still last minute secret understanding can be made before the 2nd phase of polling . Thus giving AGP free access in Rural areas and urban towns to BJP will be most advisable to beat Congress with formidable margin . For the proposed North East Democratic Forum formed in principle by AGP , NPF , SDF , PPA and MNF party . The AGP and BJP success and later coalition will be a boon in disguise . Already senior leaders like Neipho Rioji HCM Nagaland is said to be helping as much as he can to the regional party AGP . So we the PPA need to at least give our prayer support to our regional partner AGP in this time of troubles . And also campaign for them as fortunately their are many Assam place adjoining us . and their are many Assamese working in our State .
The social and political awareness sweeping across State may make Assam to go for change this time  . As earlier it was in a transition period ; many professionals have realized that time have come to make supreme sacrifice as Freedom Struggle time like situation has come. other factor may be Muslim group having their own political party this time . As earlier they acted as vote bank of the congress Party due to accommodating nature of the congress as most of the refugees than needed a place for early settlement. Plus earlier misbelieving by the ignorant Mia Voters that the Feroz khan was a Muslim they used to take Gandhi family as their own brothers ; today new research have shown that he was a Farsi so they are not amused and are looking for new friends a critic said . The other factor seems to be good home work of the AGP as it has successfully highlighted the wrong policy of the congress in issues like Mega Dams MOU in A.P . And innumerable RTI and PIL by social activities also came in handy for the party ; the interest of the Ahums seems to have also dwindle for the Congress party which have promised Chief Minister post this time also . As emotional community tend to be not amused by the clarion call when their leader are becoming more richer at their cost . As today minorities and colliation politics is the latest Buzzword / Guru mantra for success , theirfore they should also be not left out by AGP brothers  .

                                          Eventually in politics undecided peoples decide and it is impossible to purchase all howsoever rich he or she is . And congress has also disadvantage of a rich image party even if it may be poor inside as everyones property is no bodies  . And sometime peoples hush hush campaigning which pick up slowly become more effectively in long run . The rich parties like Congress only Blitzkrieg and sometime also forget the grass root homework and as sometimes too much everything is bad it is seen busy with hordings and advertisement forgetting the Peoples . In the end fact is that God only calls the shot which whimsical leaders fail to understand . But the AGP brothers are accepted to fill their Election agent and counting agent with dedicated workers from good spiritual , family and social environment .Thus a special committee may be constituted to address this issues .

                                      The inability for the congress to change its policy for the North East State may be other reason as some corrupted ones take Congress ticket as their birth right sidelining the honest and deserving one . And it seems Congress seniour leaders may be sure of traditional vote bank of the Congress . But today social dynamics are changing they ought to know . So much so for the parties misfortune that Madam Soniajis voice seems to have faltered and lack physically that confidence in Assam election campaign , sometimes body language tells a lot about the future ; may be something to do with dismal Poll prediction by the Aaz Talk which claims AGP and BJP combine may form the Govt. and it also claim eerier will be only 3 percent .The poor health of the Hon’ble Chief Minister also may have effected the congress prospect . As for Manmohan Singhji’s much publicized election campaign, it seemed as usual a boring artificial reading out the notes drafted by the experts kind of scene as usual . It followed by waving of hand as if not from his heart which always happens to be  his banch mark . As per as the Congress  campigning of cleaning  their seniour leaders image in view of scams after scams .It is surprising  how long the elephant like corruption  was not identified sitting in the congres office  room   .Though Manmohan sighji may be a good Person but certainly seems to have lack enthusiasm and vibrancy as if fed up of remote control by one madam .This may be due to  promotion of only loyalist by the Gandhi family who lack much charisma as Gandhi ideology popularity itself is at stake in todays Global world  ; new society aspiration  seems to have  a change after Barrack obama's success as American President .

                                                   But the main reason in Assam for Publics anger  is heard to be price rise , excessive corruption , moral lesion infused by Baba Ramdev on his maiden visit , new world wave tendency of dethroning the monopolistic power . Its not that Public like anybody particular as C.M in AGP as a critic said ; but man this is anti incumbency as Public seems to believe that Congress have been tolerated enough  ; after all Assamese are also very mature Publics which they seems to be interested to show after Arab revolution . The problem in democracy is when the anti incumbency wave flows it takes everyone with it . Even the rich image of the Congress party will become a curse in disguise . the wiki Leaks exposure may make the Public to think that either pay them much money or bring back the Swiss Bank money which most of the Publics thinks belongs to Congress seniour leaders .May be Publics may also punish congress for starting the mess and trying to solve the problem called insurgency and boundary disputes as everyone is suffering for it due to divide and use tactics of the earlier and present Congress regime ; as for the Assamese chauvinism which seems to have hampered the AGP earlier they also seems to have learn the bitter lesion and better if they learn it soon for this attitude were their worst enemy .

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