Tuesday, March 29, 2011


                                                                  The position of the India in corruption is 87TH ; The Lok Pal Bill which was lying dead have been suddenly become alive and active as famous anti corruption Social activist Anna Hazare is demanding a new Lok Pal under Public supervision much to the discomfort of haves who have been enjoying the countries property . As he and his friends who are going to stage a dharna in jantar Mantar suggests all the machinery of the Govt. under its like CBI , Police , Judiciary should be made under the active supervision of the Lokpal which should be answerable to none . And within 1-2 Yrs the accuse who are responsible for scams of huge amount should be convicted . The Lokpal should consists of half of the Govt. and half of the Public representatives the Public representations should be from Social activity field , eminent personalities like Bharat ratna awardees etc .

                                                                            That too the Public representatives should be appointed in a impartial manner through advertise in the website . This way the neutral Publics who really want to take action against the corrupted Persons are selected for jobs without ruling parties influence they demand . As the country is in ill repo of even bribing the highest pillar of democracy like Hon’ble H.C and S.C Judges and CBI Officers according to them therefore this suggestions are mindboggling . This Bill if passed will make the Lokpal Institutions autonomous body like Election Commission or Supreme Court and will be answerable to smallest corruptions and will be not much under ruling Govt.
                                           As earlier the Govt. only seems to control the system to its own advantage . Anna Hazares threat of fast unto death just before election in five State may keep Congress Govt. in most embarrassing situation ; as the Old man who earlier given sleepless night to the congress in Maharashtra which made it possible for opposition to pass 3 important bill . And it is pertinent to mention that he was also the one to compel the central Govt . to leave its idea of modifying the RTI Act ; thus old Gandhians threat cannot be taken lightly. His promise to go for fast unto death if this proposal are not accepted by 2nd April is already unnerving the ruling Congress party .As even if the parties spokesman Manish Tiwari was seen justifying its innocence in its – Vote for Case issue but majority will tell that Congress party is always doubted in eye of the Publics and for Public it is case of Ulta Chor Kotwal of Datein.Only was that earlier due to lack of coordinated attack from opposition parties and intellectuals the citizens were keeping silence and the Blitzkrieg of the Congress party just before each election seemed to have worked .

                                                                                         The latest deteriorating situation of Japan where Nuclear plant leak has polluted the environment million times have made the earlier Nuclear plant deal in india under US pressure as the thorn of Public content . As the agreement which allow the foreign nuclear power to invest in India has shown how corrupted India is ; after even note for vote issue was exposed by Wiki leaks which is respected by both the parties elites there is no reason for the country to trust the Congress unless its top brass join the Annas fasting instead of enjoying the cricket match .This is extent of corruption in India that even the food are contaminated even before nuclear disaster . God knows weather or not polluted satluj river water in Punjab where nuclear toxic waste are said to be thrown in Pakistan are still used for irrigation to export to ignorant place like North east with this country nothing can be said . The Gandhi family cannot absolve itself anymore from this corruption of epic proportion even if they were not directly involved but being general they will have to take all the blame if they also take credit for its performance .

                                                                                         Already reeling under pressure from likes of Baba Ramdev will Govt. will finally give in to Anna Hazares demand is a million dollar question . As the corrupted and manipulative rich citizens earlier went away scot free without any punishment after committing scams after scams . The Congress which seems to have lately become rich and aristocratic party will die both way ; if this Bill is passed and if not passed may be sin always comes back to punish . As if passed it may pave the way for the Likes of Bharat Swabhiman parties and if it doesn’t it may effect the election in this five States . Today the Social activists who are fearless and committed their influence have also increased ; none can challenge their popularity today , as earlier it was also so difficult for genius man like swami Vivekananda to become famous due to absence of media as today this fearless Persons like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have become icon in their own rights much to the discomfort of the haves .

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