Thursday, March 31, 2011


                                                                         Yesterdays historic semi final cricket win against the Pakistan have shown that our country India is land of unity in diversity and this has been cemented more recently by Cricket . The players played as a team and that was the reason the country won empathetically ; though there is Individual talent in Pakistan Cricket players but they fail to work as a team . The Pakistani should be aware of this mindset even if there is a war with India as divided house can never prosper and place where there is excessive sin will God even bless ?

                                                                 Time to change for the neighbor before it collapse like Arab countries as deceit and lies won’t last ultimately it is governance what matters . Even if Congress misrule may be their in India but it seems to be much much better than Pakistan . The full credits to our player for such a magnificent show for which everyone is proud of them . Such short of achievement acts as adrenalin for the Nationalistic emotion to rise which helps in unity and Integrity of the Country . We the North east publics are also lovers of Crickets specially my elder brother Er. Tomo Basar is a die hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar and this time he did not failed him , sachin really seems to have some divinity around him need not say why fans see him as a cricket messiah . Hope he die a happy man with World Cup feather in his cap .
Manmohan Singhji also deserve accolades for his Bazigar and dabang image ; Singh King showed his guts to call none other than Pakistan P.M this was a big risk . This guts have first time show him as one who have an Independent decision . It may be a good confidence building measure for the Congress Party which have been facing series of scams to their name . The pale and discolored looking Pakistan President has nothing but to drink the humble pie . But nevertheless he deserve for his magnamity to come to the Mohali mother of all the battle . This visit it is hope was only for Pakistan sincerity to solve the issues like Terrorism for which they are also suffering . It may be high time country forgive them and work together for common good whichever Party comes to power in centre .The Pakistanis played a better game that was best they could have given in that situation . As the kind of violence we have in our neighbor can they show any more better .

                                                          Time for the Pakistanis to introspect it - do they have the right to bully their own players for poor show when they are cumulatively responsible for violence and chaos in their country ; which will never allow the sporting talent to evolve. Time for the two neighboring countries which has many things in common to fight together in other war namely against the poverty and terrorism . The joint force should hunt down all the wanted persons both by the Indian and Pakistan Govt. who give sports even war like image for their own survival . For they are the crooks who have tarnished the name of Pakistan and Islam and in the name of brotherhoodness for which Musalmans have emotional weakness they are forvading the friendship from which they can gain more .appreciate congres senior Leaders who don't fail to take the limelight each time in such important national occasion .
                                                                                       But we as a Country should also not be only confined to Cricketing world and forget other aspects as this is time for renaissance in our Country for which real solution is needed specially to Poor and down trodden after all cricket is also legacy of the rich and powerful family . But leaving this argument now time for the Cricketing Heroes to give their best so that tomorrow when they become senior citizens ; they can say – ` Khele Hum Ji Jan Se .`

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