Thursday, March 10, 2011


Nothing can be told about the current political developments , but it would have been good if a compromise formula have arised between two Camp of the Congress Party as the critics predict magma building inside the Rajiv Bhavan . This is no politics as something like societies benefit should be kept above politics. My friend jocked even Laughing Budha cannot be underestimated , as he  can still make all the equation upside down ; if a honourable solution is not hammered out . But as per the allegations which come up against Tako Dabiji Hon’ble Minister Home last time regarding corruption in recruitment  of the APP constable majority will  find little truth . Not that I am a Galo or have been known  anti kandu govt. from day one , but as People mostly seems to say  that Dabiji  is a man of unblemished record  and a good writer has to write what majority says. Only because he is poor does it make him less respectable if he has other virtues . Those who are always trying to make leaders fight are the ones who are in fact friend of none.
                                   To Dabi saabs fans  He is a short of Bhism Pitamah among the flocks , that may be bit too much to us but some  foothill publics really seems to keep him in high esteem . Need not to say that it may have been the reason the post of the vigilance Dept. was not given to him . As his colleagues also seems to have feared him . Therefore regarding his hand and globe in corruption issue in kick off in job in police Dept. their should be little veracity . But when system as a whole has collapsed he cannot be blamed only as Publics are you less corrupted behind our leaders sin 70 % fault is our own as each election we forget our gods and culture and take election as Mopin or Nyokum festival we might not have a better place in day of judgement . Recently I meet a top leader their was virtually tear in his eyes .We should not laugh at their pathetic conditions as they are also human beings and will be prone to commit mistakes . if it is so difficult to run a family how much it will be difficult to run a Govt .
                                  The majority conscience feeling of the Publics  is very important in politics and majority seems to believe  more out of political jealousy Dabijis name came up ; as he is seen as potential threat and as the present Govt. may like to bring all the leaders in poor light and give  tainted image to make the scene as the Hindi saying goes like – `sanam Ham To Dubenge Hi , Apko Bhi Le Dubenge `. But for many wrong acts Govt. top brass may be not also always  liable ; their overzealous supporters may also do many things detrimental to their boss . Like some known suspected anti Christian officers on my querry pooh pooh this allegations and said that they have studied in Christian school and  Colleges. But the weakest point of the  old Ato Tako Dabiji  is he need to develop his P. R like other who have either Arunachal Times or Arunachal Front loyal journalists to back them up; and like Atal Bihari Bajpayee little removed from this fast changing generation seems to be more engrossed in his wine though I have no personal interaction with him much  .
                                           But  I remember him once in a marriage party of my chach Komjum Riba proposing me to sing once more as he seemed to have been moved my Moge Dojis song singed by me namely - Sigi Moko Si Kuena which tells of past glory of the galo society . If the Govt. changes Publics have a great expectations from Dabi Dangoria as his friend calls him fondly , as he is only one person who can do upside down to the system to some extent and have genuine respect for Opposition leaders as well and as such Oppositions leaders have no problem with him  . As lately the Gandhi family seems to be moving cautiously and now ball seems to be in Gods grace ness .
                                 And to some ardent believers a good Person to replace Hon’ble C.M is not objectionable if he is a better person than the present one  . To some Christian critics also ,  unfortunately our own believers who have been seen to enjoying  minister post at highest level  have been seen to be  mute spectators to the injustice in place like Basar of the West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh . Where in spite of Christians being in 30-40 percent not a single PMGS , Tender  coming from Tourism Dept. , Tender in Urban Development Dept.etc is said to be  given to a Christian , this is in spite of facts that there are even Christian deserving contactors in ruling congress party as well . Hon’ble C.M was surprised at this practise when I rised this issue . This may have been a unintentional act but some critics site that even officer seems to have been transferred from Christian community only why so much injustice ? We need to be sensitive to minorities right as it is unethical to have a hidden agenda if any in today’s time . People seems to be  taking portion of  Biblical saying in  face value which sooth their interest .
                                                   The Old Leaders should not only think of power and sometimes talk of sacrifice like present C.M is making after completing his tenure .The Publics are today more vigilant and may be even watching the use of Special MLA Lad package where their seems to be a special clause this this should be also tendered as in garb of local public interest non tendering seems to benefit a few at the cost of poor infrastructures as deserving contractor having good record from opposite parties seems to be marginalised . Even if a Christian leader becomes Hon’ble C.M by Gods grace ness must give equal treatment to others and must repent for misdeed in place like Basar where their seems to be religion based discrimination knowingly or unknowingly .The Leaders should not again mislead Publics that Delhi are taking this much percentage to fill their own coffers and should give work to deserving persons from any community on merit . Many a times Christian brothers may not be able to drink with leaders and  bribe with money and do other shady managements which is said to be happening in contract world . And precisely for this they must be treated as special .It is easy to start an argument but to challenge this allegations better check the facts as it should not be a precedent and a political topic tomorrow as we don’t want to vitiate the atmosphere whereas others are the ones who are practising this immoral activity and if not there is still time to show their change image.
                                           And definitely someone like Dabiji who is at least said to be good in this regard if he  gets the highest post he will come up as undisputable leader in the Galo belt in West siang Dist. Area in particular and Arunachal in general. But he really need to change with the time to live up to that expectations as there are other regional satraps like Gamlin brothers who will go to any extent to protect their citadel . And in this transition period ethics seems to be irrelevant but if the Congress Party crack up it will definitely give a major boost to party like PPA  . In fact good Leaders like  Dabi Sir should use his claught to give more justice to the People of Tirap and Changlang which need our imminent attention ; as barring few like him and our Power Minister Jarbom Gamlinji who at least once gave one press release against the outfits  , many of the Hon’bles don’t have the guts to visit those place also . Recently I was on a Peace mission to this Dist. as I am also Adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI and felt so sorry for them .
                                             Hope in the future genuine leaders who not only don’t want to enjoy power but work for the Publics are selected by the Publics and better we do so, if we want to keep our state united as nothing can be said of congress party who started all short of problems say it chakma Hajong and may also fill the state with Muslim labours someday like it experimented in Assam . And having said that I want to say that there are also better persons than me  in my own place , only because I can write doesn’t make me the best as life is a learning process . And with continue prayer support only I can progress in life . May God bless me to be less boastful and filled with  less pride to continue to get his blessing and also admiration of my foes who are also good Peoples . Hope in future we should be able to work together for better interest of the Society . But for academic discussion sometimes it may sound I am taking all the credits howsoever I always try to not bluff and write the adjact meeting and my connections for historical records .But if unknowingly I hurt someone please forgive me . As I will write what one has done .
                                             Lately some Galo tribe members like brother Jodik Tali have shown that Galo truly deserve praise as the British Project Officer Hamilton during his time once predicted – `Galos are the most intelligent tribe`. Though critics will smell of chaubanism in this comment also. But I am writing it as it is historically fact document . and it should be taken as a challenge so that other also thrive for civil rights , transparency and justice and this comment is also for evolving of my own galo tribe brethrens who have lately forgotten their past glory . The  Galos being one of the most intelligent tribe a call  for fight for Galo values and pride will help in changing of the face of the whole state as now Beurocrates seems to have a say in the state and being mostly from galo belt seems to have suppressed free thoughts  . And being the General Secretary State of the Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh that is our party stand as well to make a better society developed in mind body and soul . Development does not mean only financial but moral uprightness and having  prides in his inherent societies values for which others are looking towards us for inspiration . And precisely here our brothers in tirap and changlang seems to be needing our help and prayer support.
                                 Fortunately for us the earlier forefathers have sacrificed to make our inner democracy e,i- local keba very strong and today we are reaping its benefit . But Galos had also its share of problem as it was in the threshold of the transition period . Earlier  the corrupted Politicians and officers seems to have taken personal advantage of this fast changing society where publics were in mad rush for roti , kapda and makan and  wanted to control it for their own end like dictator Col . Gaddapi of Libya . But the time seems to be coming when the power is going back to the local peoples  .Thanks to like of jodik Tali social networking like face book , twitters and bloggers  this is going to be land of RTI and   PIL  which shows inner democracy in the society is very vibrant . Today greatness of the culture can be seen by the moral uprightness of the Publics not by capturing president of any NGO , union or association . With the imminent retirement of few Officers who have been manipulating society for their own end Galos are in for a major change . Thus this should be a lesion to other community Publics specially those who want to captured power by hook and crook without showing any responsibility this is nothing personal as I feel I am more other than a Galo , being a Christian leader for me all is mine and mine is others  .
                                But Galos - Gods chosen tribe has also a tremendous responsibility . Mind it the  Tirap and Changlang Dist . problem is going to be the worst waterloo for the State .The Govt. seems to have failed in having a clear cut policy regarding the Dist. Of Tirap and Changlang. If the Publics there are happy and develop strong bond with the other place by getting a chance in the Chief Ministers post than what is harm? As sometimes a sense of achieving something tangible also helps so is not Arunachal interest more valuable specially to  those leaders  who swear by it in election.  Plus the leaders there are not that corrupted like in other place so may be they can be a good example and  manage it if the Public as a whole think for united Arunachal pradesh . We have able leaders like hon’ble Finance Minister  Setong Senaji with  whom the veteran leaders will enjoy working with after all he is a harmless person and seems to be close with both the camps . Therefore in case of question for change it will be in the state interest to explore this possibility and mind it this is from core of  heart of a neutral writer and  not  a shear politics .
                             Later the history should not blame the PPA for accepting the proposal for alliance with the Naga Peoples front – NPF in Tirap and Changlang dist. As the election commissioner have already permitted them to do so  . And in  Hon’ble chief Minister Nagaland Neipho Rio’s maiden visit to the state in the auspicious occasion of the PPA symbol declaration ceremony in 10th april 2011 this topic may come up . And in view of our present leaders inefficiency in tackling Outfits creating mayhem in this Tirap and changlang districts - will it not be a better option to take help of a neighbour who have been known peace maker ? As Neipho Rio seems to have been honest in his intention to reach his close tribe members without any intention to harm the Arunachal interest .It should have been a welcome move in this juncture when we need a Peace maker to broker a deal for us . As lambasting to poor and hungry public  is easy but real man come forward and speak his mind to the person who matter . buzz word is if you can’t fight them befriend them for mutual benefit . Is their any other suggestions it will be most welcome as let us at least spare suffering masses in Tirap and Changlang Dist .Publics  from political issue .