Wednesday, June 22, 2011


                                       The fight between the Civil Society and the Congress Govt. have reached a decisive battle . As accepted the Congress has refused to accept the Civil Society Lok Pal Bill proposal in toto. As it seems to have become difficult for the Congress Govt. to make a U turn of its image , as it seems to be not courageous enough in coming clean. As the Lok Pal Anna Hazare team is persiststently demanding the disclosure of even the assets of the MLA , MP and officers from IAS level which seems to have made Congress camp restless . Lately the fissures also seems to be appearing in the Congress camp as the pro and the against camp even suspecting to be secretly monitoring each other. As some congress man specially the Punjabis and the Bengalis will always keep the God and the country above everything else, even the party discipline this seems to be unnerving some congress man , as for most only Political propaganda of party discipline is the secret of success as they mostly don’t have grass roots presence.

                                                  And this days lots of hate mail defaming each other is available in the net and reading it one smells congress division in the party, the party seems to be in position of imminent break up . Some e mail saying Sonias Gandhis two Italian sisters got 18000/- crore from 2 g scam. And some critics doubting even the P.M of the beneficiary in the 2 G scam. It is but natural after all their will be also good and bad Congress haves and haves not congress. Thus their will be divisions always within a political party also a civil society member jocked.The doubt of the P.M office itself as the epicenter of corruption what makes the civil society members to demand the inclusion of the P.M within the ambit of the Lok Pal Bill. And similar demand from the civil society of the respective State makes the Anna Hazare team to demand for the Lok Ayukta in the State following the fundamental principles of the Lok Pal bill passed in the Parliament. But as some critics dub when the Congress representatives in Lok Pal itself may later go to gallows there is no question that the Annas proposal will be accepted . And if it is truth one feel bad if the Govt. representative cleverly says – What if Annas team members are also caught in corruption. Classic case of ULTA CHOR KOTWAL KO DATEN. A Hindi speaking person joked. Beware the team Anna are highly sensitive souls for the welfare of poor and downtrodden ; at this stage even if they had committed some mistakes earlier, it takes guts to accept the truth and be with the camp seeking truth. And we as civil society members forgive all their earlier misdemeanors. And even if this allegation did not deter Anna team why Congress now want to back up which shows that they only want to enjoy power and obsessed with it.

                                                      As committed soldiers like Anna Team thinks this time or never the Publics at large should also give them what ever support they can fasting and praying for this good Samaritans. The problem with the Congress seems to be most of the corruption case is accepted to be against their own cadres and as such the suspected crooks may be also lobbying against the bill staying in Delhi which said to have completely polluted the environment of the congress office. It seems bad day for the congress has come ; God sees the truth but waits seems to be most apt for them. As this was the Party which earlier enjoyed the world and give damn about anything. Telling others as bad mash who don’t toe their line howsoever good they where. But this modern Gandhi Anna Hazare cannot be treated like the Baba Ramdev and his groups where treated , as he is more simpler and effective than Gandhi himself. In whose name Congress have enjoyed power so much .

                                               This is historic occasssion and life time opportunity to make a history as a clarion call from great man comes seldom . Therefore the non- violent protest march from 26th june will be most welcomed for those who want to do something for the mattribhumi. Remember the poem of great Indian poet Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar which can be modified as -`CHAH NAHI SURBALA KE GEHNO MEIN LUTA JAON , CHAH NAHIN BIND APNI PYARI KO LALCHAON , MUJHE TOR LENA OH VANMALI , US PATH PAR DENA TU PHEK MATRIBHUMI PAR SHIS CHARANE JIS PATH JAYE ANNA KA TEAM ANEK.`Thus even the flowers desire itself to be thrown down in the feet of the great Country freedom fighter like Anna Hazares team.You can be also be part of this epoch making history a life time opportunity enough to wash your all the sin. This time Delhi police and all the military is accepted to bath in this river of nationalism more pure than ganga by refusing to act anything, as it will be an insult and disgrace to oneself his father and mothers always for a petty salary. If hitherto thought foolish and uncivilized Arabs can compel the UNO to open the Swiss Govt. account of their dictator why can’t we?

                                          To many, Baba Ramdev incident will help the opposition in long run and the Baba should now concentrate on managing fund for the anti congress candidates and should give the Black money issue to Anna Hazare also; as we also need somebody to counter fund rising by the Swiss Bank scam crooks to back the congress . The Baba Ramdev incident have also not gone down with some congress think tanks it is heard- who think that now the angry Baba will directly tie up with the BJP contrary to the earlier hope that they will be able to break the Hindutva card by grooming up two political party from the same vote Bank. For the Civil society who have nothing doing with the congress excuse this time , has last hope in Anna Hazare who alone seems to be messiah and even if he is also malign by the Congress at least his defamation will be always seen as congress made as the trust/ NGO made by Anna may be also made to commit mistakes by the smart congress . But the supreme court which have always taken pro- Public view should absolve him even if the Congress fruitlessly try to defame him as everybody respect great man and he have no motive for richness which is his strongest point . As for the rumor that the Congress representatives in the Lok pal Bill where themselves filled with the Swiss scam stars, later if found should they be hanged till death on rarest of the rarest case for stopping the national interest effecting crores of Indian Publics ethos have to be seen later on . And it is only possible to find many secrets of this magnamity if the boycott of the Congress party in future elections is undertaken if it does not satisfy the Civil Society members this time. Remember Congress Seva Dal cadres will be only 10 percent of total Indian population.

                                          The rejection of the civil Lok Pal Bill by Congress definitely is seen to be a step in this way to continue its policy to hide all the secret deeds. Before the Black money lobbyist project Rahul Gandhi as the P.M candidate to save them, it is time for the members of the Civil society to strike with a vengeance said a active member. I personally have no objection even with Gandhis if they come clean on Swiss Bank black money issues by giving the CBI go ahead and compelling the America congress to pass a resolution that havala transaction is analogous to spread of terrorism . My Other suggestions where compulsory narco analysis test of those who mostly frequent the foreign country and it will be best if the one in helms of power start this noble cause in live T.V coverage . As even if the Congress may come to power but they definitely will always lack the credibility if the Baba Ramdevs issues are also not tackled . As he may have weaknesses but his issues are worth pondering by any sincere leader. Sonia mam can use her catholic roots to appeal the Pope to direct the Swiss bank to open up the secret of the Swiss bank account for ever only than may be this countries suspicion will stop.

                                   It may be also that already most of the money have been shifted to some other place and leaders mysterious death have something to do with it . After all European will be accepted to be thousand times ahead of us and may be sending agents to kill the depositors in the Swiss bank to take the money who knows? their fore all the rich man who have anything to do with this evil things should now confess their sins to nation. It will be really appreciable as it takes lots of guts to confess also . Definitely the Lok pal bill should have provision to reduce their punishment in that case . As it is time for reconciliation also we should also not criticize for shake of criticize. Mind it congress can also create mayhem before abdicating throne like Col. Gaddafi and we should be better ready to talk everything in a free and fair manner also before creating civil war like situation as unlike one in power we are accepted to be sensible . If the Govt. also want me to be a inter locutter in this regard I will be proud to serve my country as Holy Bible says blessed are those who are Peacemakers. And as a Christian Leader peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI I am compelled to be personally friends with even BJP , Baba Ramdev and congress mans this connections should help in this case. But in this particular issues even if the Congress man does not like to hear I am compelled to say the truth which is the most important thing now as the country is passing through a transition phase.

                                  The congress will try to defame even Annaji saying that he has connection with the RSS and BJP but this time the Public of the U.P first who are facing the state election should reply with a thumping majority in favor of the BJP if Congress doesn’t deliver, as at least it is unaccepting the civil Society view in principal. Unless the Congress are shown their position they will always undermine the Publics its not question of congress but their long rule where they are sure to develop whimsicalness a critic opined . We need to teach them a bitter lesion for undermining us like always he said further , as days of divide and rule are over. Barrack Obama has shown that if given chance even negro can do for the country, so the majority Hindu who have today become like political minority in India must be also given chance if it helps India, at least when Congress party seems to be insincere in pressing issues do we have any option than to batter them like WWF fighters . As deliverance is what everyone wants , remember the price rise and rampant corruption are hitting minorities also. If Gandhi family are true Christians why they are also not coming clean on Black money issues. As love thy neighbor is important quote in Holy Bible so Hindus also must be loved than only they will know God, so money from Christian Countries must be brought back this time every Christian also seems to think. Please don’t monopolize religious sisterhoodness/ brotherhoodness for personal end we are for Universal brotherhoodness a believer also opined.

                                                      It is time for love of the God and each others to overcome all our shortfall like what happened with the Hindus, Muslim and Christians during the historic partition of the Bengal. The Congress mans have a misconception that the Country belong to them. If all the Civil society are against them who will vote for this party , why they don’t realize that. Now it seems even Baba Ramdev was badly beaten up by Delhi police and made to wear the girl dress to defame him unfortunately Baba could not have said this as a sage will be definitely be in a shock to get such type of treatment if he had. If Anna Hazare is also planned similar plan beware this will be end of congress party as the jealous civil society may uproot all the congress party office. After this Lok pal bill is passed Anna Hazare tem must also concentrate in Black money and modifying the Peoples representative Act I wish him best of luck. And we should give a damn weather country goes to Congress or BJP so long as the Country mans interest is served.

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