Friday, June 10, 2011

Is Bal Krishna a Nepalese Citizen? The lies and lies of the Congress will be exposed day by day . See today they are telling the Baba Ramdev aid Balkrishna as the Nepalee citizen but this is the same party which used them as vote Bank in Assam and Aruachal Pradesh . Not only that they gave portion of land in Vijaynagar where no Indian can even settle as in Arunachal Pradesh where the VI schedule and the Assam Frontier act even make the Indians to be difficult to be settle here they did the unimaginable. This shows how they will twist even the constitution to sooth their party . The AGP has been all along crying foul on the Manikumar Subbha case a millionaire , that he was from Nepal but congress made him M.P only because he had tons of money or why? Who knows tomorrow after using Bangladesh Muslim as election tools they may also ditch them. This is first time that the civil society are asking for a deterrent system against the corruption and Congress party completely submerged in it specially in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh from where maximum Party fund also seems to be coming are finding themselves in worst situation. And finding itself between deep sea and devil. Therefore all the allegations against the Baba Ramdev is seen to be concocted and fabricated as for the Congress party the clock seems to be tickling backward . As one day all the sins come back to question . And within the party itself strong fissures seems to be developing with those having loyalty to the God and the nation siding with the swamiji and Anna Hazare and those with the party vis- a- vis madame . At present Digvijay Singh is trying to give brave front to the nation by telling Baba Ramdev is influenced by RSS . But is the nation amused who are also seeing the RSS as no nonsense party specially in the case of corruption. See when Sri Jodik Tali of the Volunteer Sena Force filed PIL against the high up in Hon’ble Supreme Court , RSS where the only party to give him logistic support. It is wrong to infer that all the minorities are always against the majority for the shake of opposition also that all the majority publics are pro- Hinduism. Therefore time for national reconciliation and this corruption issue surely seems to be uniting all of us for the first time . Today political Party is in worst situation as A.K Anthony said the country is going through a transition period. He is right as the time for the honorable exit for the Gandhis seems to have come. As the monopolistic and one family dominance era seems to have harmed our country in the form of lack of transference and accountability. If the Congress mean business it can still open up all the deal from top to bottom even spat of recent arms purchase spending billions of rupees money source has to be shown , as the Country man will now suspect everything was that a move to hide the Swiss Bank money? This time the Country is not accepted to forget this famous betrayal that easily as there is always a suspect that there is black money in the Swiss Bank by the high up Politicians , honestly this makes the lecture on other development issues meaningless. The nation should feel it privilege to be connected with the great man like Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare against whom Govt. will make any case to defame them. After all the congress think than aided by the Swiss Black money Crooks may spend day and night to make funny ideas to defame them . Who knows Baba Ramdev was given women dress by few Congress jeolot a common Public opined .See coming elelctions lakhs of national feeling Persons will definitely come up to counter few misleaded Congress sewa Dals who may be right now living in fools paradise this is what countries supporters sees. Lately Congress Party seems to be extra interested to enlist the anti congress man in their party fold but will it work against this mass hysteria against the corruption in the coming election . The anti Indian activity was also due to the corrupt-tion and nepotism it may increase after this last chance fails after all even in Communist China 3 months negotiation was tried by the Govt.before resorting to Tiena Mein sqare shot out . But in our largest Democratic country which still seems to be ruled under a despotic ruler it took no time. It is time the Peoples Representation Act is also modified to stop family monopoly over the politiucs which decides the millions of Publics fate.

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