Monday, June 6, 2011

The country is with Baba Ramdev :-

                                                          The Country is with Baba Ramdev in this times of his personal trouble as truth is with him and this is deceisive battle against the corruption and nepotism at highest level.What happened to Baba called  fasting mission is really unfortunate as he was representing our all aspirations and demands .The Congress had earlier bad track record of suppressing even peaceful agitation but this was unthinkable in circa 2011 , seems they have inherited their enemy number one Britishers mindsets , this time as their interest is at stake are they any different than Britishers? Does most of the Congress Leaders have account in Swiss Bank?or what was the need for this arrogance or is this undermining of Publics whom Congress sees as always purchasable in election. Now they will make all short of excuses which is highly condemnable. I appeal all the premier institutions like Christian Institutions , Ramakrishna Math and Mission ,Art of Living groups , Sai Babas groups and even the Muslim brothers to support Babaji in  this great historical time , it may be last coffin in the nail of the decaying congress party and if they not come now publics have all the reason to also doubt their credentials. Why Congress only resort to ruthless suppression as if thinking it is the master of the country.Later if any of the Union Minister is caught with the Swiss bank connection in case of change of guards should they not be hanged till death on rarest of rare case.
                                 The same adamant may have been responsible for the guillitone of the King Luis the XVI in French revolution as the Jackobins higher class always mislead the king to save their own interest. For me Baba has a special place, on his maiden visit to Arunachal Pradesh I remember him touching my head and saying - ` Togo you are in my hit least .` Babaji remember - ` Ragukul Rit sada Chali ayi , Pran jaye Par Bachan Na Jaye `. I have great personal acceptation from Babaji in future . I appeal to all my christian friends , face book great friends like- Rahul Gandhiji , Pt. Ravi Shankar , Tarun Vijay and ShahRukh Khan, my almamater school Hq. Ramkrishna Math and Mission , Hindu college , D.U friends etc. to support this great mission as it is this time or never .Remember none is important than the revolution , as first time countryman is rising from sleep . This can be never seen as a political movement as Shah Rukh bhai apprehends and so what Baba forms Bharat Swabhiman Party for national interest , after Congress continue its dilly delay tactics after similar promise was last made to Anna Hazares party and cheated the nation do we have any option left.What about the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression.

                          I Personally hope that present  Gandhi family will be without any blot but definitely time have come to come clean on Swiss Bank issue as Quttrochi have been already proved of money transfer earlier making the issue more doubtful. Why no names visiting the Switzerland for last 5yrs. Can be displayed. The Lok Pal Bill will be definitely inefficient to enquire this facts. The high handedness on the Peaceful agitations shows how Congress seems to be protecting and using the defaulters as greatest fund contributors. And shows the extent of the undermining of the Publics whom they seems to be seeing as purchasing commodity. Has congress has right to monopoly over the Publics and rule over only taking help of the rich and aristrocates. More so in State like Arunacal Pradesh and Assam where serious overhaul is needed. As this will be for Congress own goodness as the most of the Hon’ble MLA’s earlier manipulated contract work  themselves may go to gallows if the Lok Pal Bill is passed in letter and spirit.

                                The Country cannot be taken for ride any more. Even the minorities have also earlier given blind support to the Congress on the misplaced apprehension of the majority . But today honestly this is the main threat to everyone; even in terrorism which is related to black money and havala transactions minorities end up becoming worst victim . And to critics those who are not supporting this cause may also have something to hide. And I appeal to misdirected minorities that the country now needs us. Pro- Hindu party have been taught enough lessions in elections , now time to work with them for common good . Now time to decide one is in which camp like in Mahabharata days when kings had to made bitter choice. The well disposed congress Party may cater to Individual needs but do we have no obligations towards Country.Leave aside sitting with the VHP cadre in dies Baba can even sit with demon to save the nation this seems to be Poor Persons demand who are seeing last hope in Babaji.

                                The political Parties have always distorted the history to misled us ; had Muslims have been so successful without the integration of our forefathers – Mongols/ Mughals like Akbar the Great who where of Mongol blood contrary to popular misbelieve that they were only Muslims . Therefore instead of quarrel we should make a unified contribution to the growth of Country, we should refrain from having parochial view and fight over trivial issue. Why before each election attack on Christians increases it is orchested by Congress or RSS God knows. Why we have to resort to this cheap politics. The question is now plain and simple if Congress doesn’t delivers publics has also learned their tricks. As some cunning Congress workers are seen to be interested to win the U.P Assembly election by hook or Crook , killing two birds with a stone may have been their plan . None passing of the Lok Pal Bill in monsoon session will be properly explained due to the time constrain for passing farmers land Acquisition bill. But the Indians fed up of this political dramas seems to have decided to teach a lasting lesion to the Party , that may have brought feeling of political fatigueness towards the Congress like in West Bengal , see the coming Lok Sabha elections what Publics says.

                                   As monopoly in any form is bad and as the Congress party today seems to have become the centre for the corruption and nepotism. When it can give billions to African countries as aid why it cannot influence the Swiss Bankers to disclose the Indian name like the Germany govt. did . Today the litmus test is upon the Nehru Gandhi family to come clean over the issues . But I personally believe the Rahul Gandhiji the great Gandhi scion may also show his magnamity to even sacrifice his future prospect for the Country interest , which is in a worst transition period . As for a new house to be build , an old one has to be destroyed . As honestly in this transition period where even Arab countries are changing Congress Party is seen to be against any change by Publics, for which they themselves are responsible. As earlier Congress man where seen to be excessively abusing the power , their promise to change is now seen as too late, as lately many Congress men have flourished at the cost of the name of the great Gandhis .

                                                    Thus Rahulji have all the reason to abdicate the throne for a place in heaven . As he seems to be brought up in a good spiritual environment to fear the will of God. As  Dooms day scenario is also predicted by the prophets thus sacrificing power should not be a big deal as he is a good guy seems to have born in wrong time and place . As already lots of sacrifice have been made by Gandhi family which will ensure their honourable exit; but if they want to stick further, it may be seen as power obsession by some critics and having even suspected possible cash deposit in Swiss bank after all to some critics they were first in everything .Thus time is ripe for making a honorable exit in peak of time if they have something to hide and if clean to completely accept the demand of the civil society .Also all the powerful persons are accepted to come forward and help the nation grow and refrain from making loose talk. And even if they are also caught later it is better to sit in prison rather to be left out in heaven as Holy Bible says . But Mritudand/ death sentence for the swiss bank Black money holders is bit too much a demand . As many is accepted to go to gallows why hypertensions by those who had also once share of their enjoyment in compare to other Poor and downtrodden. Have some Politicians were not living like super stars.

                                                 Oh Man , take it sportingly- more you try to fight more revolution will come up . May be this is Gods plan that this demands were needed to save the world from more sin. The rich man will have different views as they will never like to sacrifice their vintage position.But in democracy how long majority view can be suppressed as they have become extra careful and not ready to be easily give in , even if Mahatma Gandhi comes back alivethey could have not trusted Congress after what happen now in Ramlila ground .Today every one seems to say enough is enough . I have great expectation from Rahulji who seems to be down to earth and definitely hear the Peoples demand as all the earlier king and Queens have been removed in world , will it not be in Countries interest that aam admi are left best to be with himself and God.As divide and rule tactics from black money reserves in swiss bank may be easy and good for one Individual and Parties health but what about others ? will their be no reaction if there is excess use of money in election specially in place like Assam and Arunachal where mushrooming of Insurgency seems to be its direct effect.

                                          It seems like all the allegations are tirade towards Gandhis, after all they were in helms of power so long. But is not this is democracy to talk your feeling out, have they not ruled since ages taking this advantage . It will be wrong to keep silence with the fear that the Gandhi family will take personal interest to finish your political carrier in future . If God wish who knows whole India will come up for you tomorrow . But definitely for glory of God I will like to work with this family for which I have great respect and fervently hope for the good of the country this family should stay out of politics at least for one term and devote to work for Gods kingdom as lots of evangelization has to be made . Gandhis have reached such a position that they need to only work for salvation of themselves and country man if they really love us ; as lots of dependency seems to have been built up in country by a single family name who seems to be more powerful than God also. And definitely God fearing first family may be unaware of this facts.

                                             for some who are seeing Gandhi family only as savior in view of Baba Ramdevs demand for death sentence for black money accuse , they will never let my point of view reach them.And like Jacobins may make their king go to guillitone like  in French revolution time. The Anna Hazare and Baba combination is accepted to do what Ajay and Biru did in sholay .We as Christians should also support them as after removal of corruption and nepotism people should start seeking truth that’s what I believe and important as Christian . And mind it none can fight the Gods mission be it BJP or RSS, we will remain owner of our destiny and thus should not stay behind to fulfill this challenging God commissioned mission with leaders like John the baptist of our time – Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.And during this time better become Peace maker instead of being the trouble makers as after all the Gandhi family also deserve decent retirement.The the Christian brokered peace initiative will be invincible to even appeal the Swiss govt. that the poor Christians in Indians are also suffering due to this evil practice of money stashed in their bank.The  section of anti Christian RSS and Bajrang Dal have to be beware of future case like Graham Stain , never undermine the power of living God.We can do more worst to their religious leaders.
                                      Honestly Baba needs a PR man probably from a Muslim or a Christian background to remove the misconception that  his revolution is filled with Hindus. As everyones does not understand his sentiment for the country and misunderstand his forceful arguments and besides it is good to have someone elese to say for oneself. And regarding his Bharat Swabhiman  political card he need to start his blue print from now itself . He should help in demolition of the Congress citadel in UP and unite all the anti congress force even Mayawati who is against Manuwadi vichardara than only his credibility will increase.The honesty and open talk of the Baba was earlier seen as his weakness by some Congress man it is time to act more and talk less.And time to make an offensive war against corruption and demand PM post also under Lok Pal ambit and large currency note bane as earlier demanded . Seems like Congress earlier show his accepting some points as his weakness.To fight Congress a coordinated attack has to be made , financing in Panchayat election in Arunachal pradesh as from this far away secluded state more party fund seems to be garnered for Congress.
                                     Baba has all the right to form his own political party country belongs to none single Person or party and specially to those who will be  once again ready to use the black money through ISI and D. company channels to use in election . Baba running away from fasting centre shows that he  fears law , this shows he will not do mistake in future . While the Naturam godse has killed Gandhiji physically , the congress has killed Mahatma Gandhis atma in Ramlila ground; if this time anti congress party don't unite why we should think so hard for a dying country.Time for all the good Publics to unite who are not less than Baba Ramdev and sitting ideally.


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