Monday, June 6, 2011


                                    After the mass condemnation over Campers proclamation of the Dooms day arrival few days back based on Holy Bible numerology, the world is shocked at the incident in Australia where the water fall is flowing in reverse way towards the sky . Not only that even the assurance of the Holy river Ganga to Lord Shiva that she will never leave the bank of Kashi in the Shiv Dam is seen to be betrayed by the Ganga. This is according to Hindu mythological book - Purans claim.

                                                 One thing is for sure that everyone is going to die a slow death , due to rampant corruption which is making the poor farmers to put more pesticides to thwart the price rise .Therefore the Country need to make an introspection of highest order .The Baba Ramdev call may be Gods plan as in Holy Bible also God is seen to be despise corruption and nepotism and send his Prophets for one last time . And after this spiritual revolution the Publics may automatically seek the truth and as such the great Baba Ramdev can be seen as 2nd John the Baptist.And this is the reason the Christians may cannot be accepted to be against the great Babaji who may be representing the will of God. After all has corruption has become not too much today? As it has surpassed all other agendas, it is said God did not destroyed Sodom and Gomrah for idolatry alone but basically for injustice to poor.

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