Monday, June 6, 2011


                            Our Hindu mythology is also filled with stories where hard core sinners has become great sages like Valmiki and Parshuram . no one is sinner by birth only the situation makes him one. If he repent for me I have no objection howsoever he is a sinner. Even not our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji did not said hate the sin , not the sinner.

                           But there has to be a way out may be a committee to certify that the man has really changed , may be a certificate of Committee of great religious leader will do . See the case of the Bhullar who have been ordered to be hanged and all the political parties in the Punjab is demanding his release on the ground of the coming assembly election . Mind it this is going to be a major constitutional crisis in future and other dreaded terrorist will also later like to avail this chance ; after all they may have also some genuine sympathizer with them.

                                For me the modus operand should be lobby by other community members as well . As the Holy Bible says love thy neighbor, it is Human tendency to love one’s own family and friends but to love others is divine . In holy Bible Lord and savior Jesus Christ went to the most hated Persons Jacheus house because first - he shamelessly requested Lord for dinner , 2nd he must have also done some good thing in life which Lord alone may have known , 3rd God may have seen that he was really a changed man and wanted to use him . In the view of the adamant position of the Pakistan and our weak Govt. do we not have a different way to bring a lasting solutions to all the issues? After all if the one is so much gifted in harming our Country how much he be also talented in making it developed.

                                The Hon’ble supreme Court direction in Binayak Sen case is a possible way in this regards where it says sympathy with the People doing anti Indian activity is not anti Indian activity hence case under Sedition Act does not apply . Hope this is a way also to start the talk in a different way if the present govt. is unable to make American style of tackling the issue within another one month . After all a way has to be also found out as the issues like terrorism , drug smuggling , Black money and fake currency cases are also related with this great man for different reasons used effectively by ISI now . If we can change their mind will it be not also better?

                       The writer is Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.Council of Baptist church North East India.

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