Friday, June 17, 2011


                                    The Congress has won the Quarter final but the semi final and the final is to be played. The Congress with its batteries of think thanks always seems to be ready for plan B . Any way a brave front by a party which is going through worst transition phase as this way that way Party seems to be suffering . As it is the only Party where 70 percent members are accepted to be Crooks . that is other matter that the civil society are also responsible for their near hell gate accepting money in each elections. But there are also good Samaritans the incorruptible who are our last hope. As a much needed mechanism should stop corruption as Indian Publics are not that bad only for a lack of credible stop mechanism. And it is needed before a fight breaks up between army and the publics like in Arab Countries.

                                         And even before Baba Ramdev said many good Publics seems to have already made up their mind in the line of the naxalism if this last chance is missed. Thus after the talk the civil Society members alleges that Congress representatives filled with the jugglery experts are all set to make joke pal out of Lok pal , the allegations by Jai Lalita on Chidambaram has definitely made the case more critical seeing the Govt. representatives as Jackles in the gurve of the donkey .The Annas threatened satyagarh from 26th june 2011 is worth observing. It seems the Govt. is still shy of taking baptism in the river called Lok Pal bill.
Definitely their will be pressure from new leaders who want to be rich like their earlier predecessors and some Gandhi psycho pants who will like to protect their senior by hook or crook. The Public at large will be not amused they will even see attack on charitable trust of the Anna Hazare to later legitimize the large fund of the Congress trust.

                             The innocent Baba Ramdev was definitely taken aback by the congress dirty minds as he seems to be successful in garner the Public support like Mamta Banerjee in the grass root but definitely lakes the nitty gritty of the Indian corrupted politics , which has fallen to such an extent that Publics are made easily confused .how Baba Ramdevs wearing a women dress anything to do with the core issue of the black money laundering . after all Baba is also a mare mortal human being prone to commit mistakes. Nevertheless unlike other Babas and swamijis his sentiment for the corruption is respectable. Not for his faulty medicine and deviation from yoga but atleats here is a man who is ready to fight against the might of the Congress party which seems to be sitting in mountain of corruption. And howsoever we hate the RSS and the VHP they are at least in the ride side than congress in the corruption front. The minorities should not fall into Congress communalism and must give equal chance to BJP also like the south Indian Publics. Our Institutions should be more important than an individual. From the day one I had rendered my free advise to the great Baba Ramdevs team who may not be probably always right. But in front of the Congress pre-meditated plan was their any option to save their face? Is this seemingly orchested drama not an insult to all the Indian.

                                            The innocent Baba seems to have fall to the orchested drama by the Congress think thanks who seems to be always planning mischievous plans and thinking ahead of others. But this time deep down in the heart of the publics the Publics seems to be still favouring babaji and even seeing the death of another Baba fasting for the Ganga Bachao andolan as match fixing. So this is the case when you fight with an establish party like Congress party in which all the defaulters in the country will trust as they have always survived. Today also Babas demands stand merit as their must be a clause to take action against the Black money hiders no less than a special investigation on who went to Switzerland for number of time and making them sit in the narco- analysis test will bring out the fact. May be this has to be specially put in Lok pal Bill to control black money transaction by not putting it the Baba wave will be unable to be curtail by the Govt.As the Congress will be always suspected of connection is swiss Bank .

                                          The time for the monk and sages seems to be good with the record size of the shivling occurring this time in kedar Nath.His Holiness Sri sri Ravi Shankar is playing a good role of a peacemaker . The great Gandhi families are accepted to resign gracefully if they fail to convince the Congress cadre to give the Country a decent Lok Pal Bill . After all their name is at stake this time and also a golden opportunity to wash their sins if any committed earlier after all what has not country also not given to them? whatever the critics also says Nehru Gandhi family have also the will power to sacrifice whenever the situations have arrived ; may be due to strong faith in Lord and savior this is possible .It would have been good if such powerful persons have become missionaries like Joyes Mayor to save the souls as the country seems to be needing more spiritual leaders in politics also ; as the sages are preferring to come in politics why the disciples of living God be lag behind.

                                        The India being a Hindu dominated place they also deserve to be given one chance by the minority to rule and show their governance , who knows they may prove as good as barrack Obama black the negro black leader. If Ram rajya means against the poverty and corruption and nepotism so be it. As it will be impossible to dream high without minority help as God may be living with us their fore there is no need to worry for Hindutva which even most of the Hindu seems not to believe .

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